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Nonetheless, imaginary and keyword mnemonics are the two basic types of mnemonic techniques that are frequently used in the everyday lives of the people. Acronym or keyword mnemonic refers to learning things and objects by the initial letters of the words so that they have to recall and remember only the initial letters of the learned words (Semel & Rosner, 2011).

Keyword mnemonics also helps intervening words such that it connects to the format of paired associate learning to a great extent, for instance the creating the relationship of the famous people with their key accomplishments. Furthermore, storytelling is another method of mnemonics where the events or the words are fabricated in a sequence in the story to make the person recall or remember the list of items (Semel & Rosner, 2011).

While on the other side, imaginary mnemonics is another essential technique of mnemonics for the recall of verbal stimuli. This type of mnemonics involves the pictures, visuals and drawings to aids the individual to remember the objects and things. Location is a significant method of imaginary mnemonics, in which the fixed chain of places is used in the learning process. When this list of few places converts into a huge list, the recall memory of an individual works in such a manner that mind of the person follows the routes that is fixed in his imagination. Therefore, it can be stated that Mnemonics on an overall basis is an effective technique in recalling the information (Semel & Rosner, 2011).


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