Learning Platform Thesis

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Learning Platform

The main purpose of schools is to create a learning community. There is a fundamental belief in the incredible potential within each student. All people are precious and valuable and possess great worth as human beings. A learning environment should allow for individual differences and needs in order to provide the maximum possible benefit to everyone. When trying to decide on a learning platform it is important to remember that when making the choice the know-how of the future users of the tools should be considered (Educational Platform, n.d.).

In today's world of technology it is vital to incorporate an e-learning solution into every educational environment. E-learning should contribute to the success of education, becoming an effective complement or alternative to traditional classes and should assure synchronous and asynchronous collaboration with application sharing resources and messaging among other functionalities allowing real time interaction between students and teachers (Garcia, Rego, and Moreira, n.d.).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Thesis on Learning Platform Assignment

It is also important to look at the following factors when choosing a learning platform so that one can be sure that it will function to meet the needs of both facility and students. It should be able to deploying learning enterprise-wide, so that everyone… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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