Term Paper: Learning Styles There Are Many

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Learning Styles

There are many styles of learning and each individual has a particular style depending on their intelligence level, environment and their overall personality. It can be broadly classified into three kinds, namely, visual style, auditory style and tactile style. Since it differs widely from one individual to another, Denig (2004) identified eight parameters or intelligences that should be taken into account and they are linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic. With these parameters in mind, one can identify his or her learning style. Multiple intelligence and learning style tests have been designed by professionals after taking into account many of the above-mentioned intelligences and this also helps an individual to understand his or her learning style.

Test and Assessment

The learning style test I took is the DVC Learning Test. Based on the answers to the questions presented, my learning style has been determined to be the visual/verbal learning style. The reason I took this test is that the results will help me to identify my strengths as a learner and how I can make use of these strengths to become productive. Identifying my unique style will also help me to be a better student and in the future, I can easily reach out to people who have similar strengths like me.

My learning styles and its challenges

I learn best when something is presented to me in a visual form or as a set of written instructions. I am comfortable when the instructor uses the black board to present information to me or when I have to read by myself from a textbook. My class notes and other written forms of information also help me to learn better. Studying all by myself is my preferred style and I do not do well in group studies. Another strength is that I see a lot of information, especially, numbers in my "mind's eye" and this helps me to remember them better.

One of the primary challenges as… [END OF PREVIEW]

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