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A well-balanced measure of environmental and internal stimulus would serve the cognitive learner best, as they would analyze the sum total of experiences and stimulus directed toward learning.

Some learning theorists have referred to this learning style as behavioral modification style learning, as it takes into consideration the manner in which learners can change prior thinking connections to adopt new ways of thinking while gathering new information through learning and accumulation of information from the facilitator and through interactions with the environment and learning activities (Hartley, 1998).

Examples of Teaching Methods for Each Related to Adult Learning

Behavioral approaches would require the environment for the adult learner. The best type of environment for learning would be an environment where activity engaged the learner; where doing was essential to learning; and where objectives for learning was clear. Positive reinforcement by the teacher would assist in reinforcing positive learning achievements, as this is the primary motivator in the behavioral model of learning.

Constructivist approaches emphasize the need to have an instructor facilitate in the classroom; adults should share real life experiences. The facilitator should emphasize "the design of learning environments" and not focus as much on lesson plans or the sequence of instruction; adult learners will relate to their real life and work experiences (Huang, 2002, p. 33).

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Cognitive approaches suggest that the teaching environment should be organized so that the learner can remember the material and very well-structured so that strategies can be developed and inferences can be made by the learner. Using cognitive approaches the adult learner will form connections between ideas and concepts, and attend to various aspects of the environment the learner finds important.

Term Paper on Learning Theories, and Apply Them Assignment

There is no one method that is ideal for the adult learner. A combination of approaches is sometimes best in the adult classroom. Some students find one approach works best for them, whereas others may do better working with certain subjects using one form of learning theory or another. There is some evidence suggesting the constructivist approach is helpful for many adult learners, because they are able to use real life and work experiences, and relate them to educational objectives (Huang, 2002). Cognitive approaches may be combined with constructivist approaches in learning environments to facilitate maximum learning outcomes for adult learners.


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