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The instance of BPD can be extended to numerous other instances. Realizing that personality disorders have cultural histories can help nurses become more emphatic, open-minded, and less rigid in their approach.

Critical pedagogy has connotations that are similar to social constructionism in that it also attempts to make the individual reflect on and critique his learning and come to the assumption that many of his or her ways of thinking are socially formed. The primary difference with critical pedagogy, however, is that it orbits around the concept of 'oppression' arguing that certain powerful individuals in society have placed themselves on top and, by doing so, demoted others to subservient, inferior positons by categlorizingt them with erroneous, humiliating constructs. Instances here extend to social treatment of minority races, homosexuals, and women, and groups, accordingly, that have an interest in critical theory and are involved in disseminating its tents include postmodernism, feminism, anti-racism, post-colonialism, and queer theory.

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In the book, inside nursing: a critical ethnography of clinical nursing practice by Street (1992), the author describes how she applied critical theory to nursing to the betterment of her profession. Nursing has generally been a transmitted code of knowledge passed down by doctors, generally all males, who insisted on what was right and what incorrect. By viewing nursing as a nurturing, therefore primarily female occupation, nurses can realize that the female voice is just as important, if not more important, than that of the male and, accordingly, critically review their transmitted tradition and make the necessary change.

In this way, both critical theory and social constructionism make me see my discipline in fresh, innovative ways so that I can be inspired to reflect on and make consequent changes to my practice.


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Street, F. (1992) Nursing:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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