What I Am Learning Essay

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Performance Plan

The AccuVision report I received identified my major area for improvement as Initiative. The report defines initiative as the willingness to take action, make decisions, and defend points-of-view when interacting with others. It also stated that my performance was acceptable in dealing with performance difficulties experienced by team members. The three areas in which, I need to improve include determining when to resolve an issue myself or to refer the issue to higher management, taking action to deal with operating problems, and defending my own views and opinions when challenged by others. The following development plan is focused on improving my performance in expressing and defending my point-of-view and identifying and resolving operational issues.

Development Plan: Defending My Opinions

I plan to take the following actions prior to any discussion or presentation in Spring 2011:

For each meeting or presentation, I will prepare by outlining the information I want to share. This would include statistics or facts to support my ideas and provide relevant examples of the idea including when the idea was successful and what conditions are needed for the idea to be implemented successfully.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on What I Am Learning Assignment

2) in addition to the above preparation, I will also review my ideas with at least one other person on my team to see what questions or challenges they raise and to incorporate any feedback they may share. If there are other functional areas impacted by my ideas, I will speak with them in advance of the meeting or presentation. This will provide me the opportunity to learn and address any concerns they may have. Once I've collected the sample questions, I will prepare an outlined response for each one. After responding to questions raised by my teammates or others, I will immediately follow up to make sure I answered the questions and if they have any more. If I am unable to answer any questions, I will write them down and get back to the team within 24 hours. If I have a particularly difficult time anticipating questions or challenges, I will meet with my instructor. I will also meet with my instructor is I am unable to come up with an answer to any outstanding questions raised by my team.

3) to make sure I am effectively dealing with opposition to my views, I will not take comments personally, I will keep my comments on point and not direct my frustration (if any) at the inquirer. I will own my responses by using the word " I." I also believe the preparation work identified in items 2 and 3 will boast my confidence because I've taken the opportunity to prepare my statements and anticipating the question that may arise.

4) I will engage a native English-speaking tutor to coach me. This will include asking for the tutor to help me practice my presentation before the meeting. I will have them ask me… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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