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Often communication is hindered by cultural difference, personal roadblocks or a closed mind and attitude toward certain events or practices. Fortunately I feel I am open-minded and have learned through my diverse experiences the importance of building and creating strong interpersonal networks. As an MBA student I plan to increase my knowledge and skills by building even more interpersonal networks within the university setting.

My dedication toward people and building strong interpersonal relationships is shown in many ways. By simply glancing at my resume you may not get a complete picture of my values and academic experience. I have experienced many positive opportunities to learn and grow as well as develop my interpersonal skills during my academic and professional career.

One example is my research about Johnson & Johnson which helped me learn more about and better understand the global marketplace. While researching this company I immersed myself in the global business environment. Johnson & Johnson is an ideal company to learn from, servicing over 57 nations and employing more than 100,000 people the world over. To succeed in this environment one must be flexible and adaptable but also committed to excellence. The company offers multiple products, research and rules within all markets. It was here I learned the importance of interpersonal relationships in the workforce.

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Here I learned the relationships between employment and management can make or break an organization and a leader. I also learned that relationships vary from culture to culture. I also discovered that a corporations economic health is not determined solely by financial results but rather is the combination of all aspects of a corporations business prospects.

What is the most creative solution you have ever used to meet a challenge? Was it successful? If yes, how so? If not, what will you do if confronted with a similar situation in the future?

Admission Essay on Led You to Want to Assignment

I have faced multiple challenges in my personal and professional life so far. One of the most difficult challenges I faced was managing a full-time career and completing my education so I could pay my way through college. Alongside this I faced multiple other challenges that needed creative thought processes and solutions, including in my volunteer work with members of my local community.

Born and raised in Taiwan I was raised in a family where love, hard work, a climate of grace and dignity were often touted as critical to ones success as a human being and as a professional. I have faced multiple challenges my entire life, yet despite that have always risen to the challenge and come out ahead. Growing up I feel that I did not have the 'normal' life one would typically associated with life in high school, however I feel I turned my situation into one that was both productive and interesting.

My biggest challenge included working throughout high school not only to learn about the world outside school according to my parents, but also to raise the money I needed to continue my higher education. My parents felt that to become a contributing and respectful member of society I would learn best if I paid my own tuition rather than accept handouts for others. While others may look this obstacle in the face and run, I found the experience was uplifting. I met this challenge in many creative ways, not only by working in multiple environments including as a waiter and as a research assistant but also by being alert and quick to learn.

I came to learn through my experiences that work produces decent results and opens many doors of opportunity for the future. When I was just 13 I began volunteering for the Creation Social Welfare Foundation in Taipei, and am now a lifelong volunteer at this organization. This experience was a creative way to prepare myself for college and my professional career not financially, but mentally. It was here that I learned that even among those who barely experience life, love, attention and compassion are still greatly needed. Since then I have continued to work for more than 10 years with patients in persistent vegetative states. During this time I was faced with multiple challenges unique in and of themselves, including providing hygiene and safety to those who could not have helped themselves.

Working in this environment prepared me to face the unexpected. Thus when I finally reached high school and my father told me I needed to earn my own tuition I began searching immediately and without hesitation for employment, grateful simply for my health and the opportunity to complete my education. I subsequently took on employment as an assistant and as a waiter. When in college I continued to work to support my education, opting for night classes and a tutor so I could take part in internship experiences and learn about firm's decision making processes. My schedule even at a very young age enabled me to involve myself in executive decision making activities including board meetings and investment shows. The multinational company I worked with helped me early on appreciate firsthand the realities o the new and global economy.

During this time I also traveled extensively to varying businesses environments to examine the working practices of companies in China, Taiwan and Japan. After coming to the United States I studied finance and fimbriation systems. I would not change one thing about my experiences except perhaps to participate more in global opportunities and world events. I would travel even more to understand business operations in even more remote locations. And as always, when faced with the financial burden of funding a task as huge as education or any other endeavor, rather than run away I would accept the challenge head on. I would take immediate action to ensure I earned a job or other situation that will enable me to meet my goals and objectives.

Through the challenges I have faced I have learned and have come to understand the need for business leaders of tomorrow to shoulder the responsibilities of local and global citizenship through just practices and fair business policies. It is my hope that when confronted with challenges in the future I will look toward my experience and past commitments to make decisions that will provide just and ethical practices in the global business environment of tomorrow. I feel my experiences have made me more strong and independent. I learned my third language and the life style of U.S. citizens only after I came to the U.S. At 19.

After this time I learned that as an international student I had to push myself even harder to adapt to a complex and diverse environment. Fortunately this experience caused me to learn much. As I grew and developed in the U.S. I learned to combine my Eastern background with my new American culture. I also learned to develop a new style of living and to commit myself to a new leadership experience, one that incorporates multiple viewpoints and practices.

If there is any additional information that you believe is important to our assessment of your candidacy, please feel free to include it in your application here.

A University as stellar as William & Mary receives thousands of applicants from eager candidates every year. What makes me stand apart? I have already defined my personality as one filled with ambition, drive and enthusiasm. I have described my passion for the community and my intense need to grow and learn in the global business marketplace. What sets me apart from others is perhaps my intense understanding and immersion in multinational and subsequently multiethnic practices. In today's global business environment, organizations must be increasingly prepared to handle diverse working conditions and address people of varying backgrounds and histories.

I am possessed not only of an international background but also a multicultural one. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese and Taiwanese. These are skills that will help propel me to the top of the global business market. I have also however had the unique opportunity to learn about varying cultures and varying business practices and environments hands on through my diverse work experiences in Asia. This has enabled me to learn how vital interpersonal relationships are in a global business environment. It has also taught me to embrace cultural differences and practices that will only help me in the business world as I grow and develop as a member of the global business community.

I am also well versed in the challenges that face those with international status. I have firsthand experienced the difficulties one may face in a new and turbulent business environment. I consider myself however not only a leader but also a true people person. I am someone who will not only lead but also learn from others, regardless of their perspectives or history. Experience has taught me how vital it is to open ones heart, mind and spirit when performing in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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