Legal Immigration Is Good Research Paper

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However, as I have highlighted elsewhere in this text, legal immigrants benefit the economy on a number of fronts i.e. In terms of contribution to the nation's tax revenues and GDP, in terms of provision of cheap labor which in turn benefits consumers and in terms of provision of specialist skills and capabilities relating to technology, entrepreneurship etc. Further, there are those who feel that the influx of immigrants in the recent past has put a strain on the nation's social and government services. However, this assertion in Isidore's (2006) view is largely misplaced as according to economists, such an occurrence "is outweighed by the increased economic activity." Lastly, since the September 11 terrorist attack, there are those who have time and again expressed their fears over the influx of immigrants - most particularly those of Muslim descent. This in my opinion should be regarded as a stereotype fed by misplaced perceptions. Indeed, as Arnold (2011) notes, none of the terrorists involved in the September 11 attack can fit the definition of an immigrant. As a matter of fact, the author notes that those individuals involved in the attack "were all visitors" (Arnold, 2011). Based on this, I am convinced that the terrorist threat posed by legal immigrants is almost nil.


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In conclusion, it is clear from the above arguments that legal immigration has a number of distinct key benefits and hence is good for the U.S. The vast majority of those who legally immigrate to the U.S. do so for valid reasons and are therefore ready to work hard and live harmoniously with the rest of the populace. With that in mind and given the above arguments in favor of legal immigration, proper policies should be adopted to encourage the same while discouraging undocumented immigration.


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Research Paper on Legal Immigration Is Good for Assignment

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