Legal Issues in Counseling Term Paper

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Legal Issues in Counseling

Hedges, Lawrence. E. (2006). Facing the Challenge of Liability in Psychotherapy.

Jason Aronson.

This slim but important volume deals with every psychotherapist's worst nightmare -- the threat of a lawsuit from a patient or a state licensing agency. Ultimately, the author Lawrence E. Hedges' aim is to counsel the therapist how to avoid such an impingement to his or her professional practice, and to provide advice to enable the therapist to practice his or her trade as freely as possibly, without incurring an unnecessary risk of a lawsuit. The book begins first with how to meet with the challenge of a subpoena that may threaten a patient-therapist relationship as well as deal with potential litigation and sanctions. The breadth of the legal as well as psychotherapeutic material that is covered over the course of the text underlines Hedges is well-versed with both the ethical requirements of the profession of psychotherapy and the law. Hedges believes that the tradition of his profession counsels discretion and the need to protect the client's confidentiality, although some controversial legal interpretations may differ, particularly California state law where Hedges is a practitioner and a legal consultant to psychoanalysts. The author is ever-mindful of how many of the issues that psychotherapy deals with in particular, such as childhood trauma, can present unwitting legal minefields. Although the challenges of psychoanalysts are the focus of the book, because of the unique nature of his book's subject, it could be of use to any therapist dealing with potential legal problems.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Legal Issues in Counseling Assignment

Hedges is equally capable of deconstructing the implications of a Supreme Court decision about privilege such as Jaffe v. Redmond (1996) as well as examining how transference in the psychoanalytic relationship can present a legal challenge for the innocent therapist. Hedges has both provided professional treatment to patients receiving analysis as well as professional legal advice to colleagues facing lawsuits. Hedges also provides a section about how to deal with charges brought about by state licensing boards as well… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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