Legal Positivism Term Paper

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Law Theory

Legal Positivism

My recent trip to Pango-Pango, a remote island, was literally a treasure hunt in terms of the law. Admittedly, my first reaction upon finding human beings living on Pango-Pango was that there would be no semblance of an organized society, let alone any legal conventions, but I was mistaken.

The task that I faced in regard to my expedition, as I understood it, was to travel to the island, determine if there were people living on the island, and to find out what types of rules existed among the people to maintain order and protect individuals from the improper conduct of others. With this understanding in mind, I observed the people with a totally open mind, and soon discovered several elements in place among these people that gave every indication of legal positivism, because of the specific aspects of the people of Pango-Pango which matched those of positivism itself.

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First, I observed that the people of the island all deferred to one of the oldest men on the island; his clothing was more elaborate than that of the others, and he was the one who closely evaluated me and my party upon our arrival, with no one else approaching us until he gave the permission to do so. Immediately, I associated this hierarchy with the Pedigree Thesis of positivism, which states that the cornerstone of a legal society is the authority of a sovereign, who is viewed as the leader and the source of the order in the society. Finding this in place, I had an inclination that there would be at least something resembling law in this society. Upon closer examination, this inclination became much more of a fact.

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My second observation, which lent itself to further belief that laws were in place, was the fact that even as an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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