Legal Protection for E-Commerce Essay

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Copyright law

This is a law that offers intangible rights offered by statute to the original individual bearing a given literacy or artistic production. The right incorporates authors, musicians, composers, publishers, and many other artistic individuals. The law protects Internet users from infringing into the rights and reputations of these individuals in the Internet market. The law offers the originators of the productions to have all the dominion and right to protect their devices within their reach. Copyright can only be done under specialized cases that give all attention and right to the owner of the devices in the market. Internet use opens ways for many individuals to engage in copyright activities that have not been approved by the law.

Legal or technological solutions that might enhance the transaction of business via the Internet

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Internet businesses have become successful with the use of Internet transactions. There is no way in which such businesses can stop using the Internet as the main channel of transmission. One of the legal and technical undertakings that can be used to improve Internet transaction is setting up legal protocols. These protocols offer security measures together with equitable approaches that ensure maximum security and legal acceptance in the business world. Internet security protocols can be set up in order to strike understanding of the uses and consequences of having their use under check. Legal approaches that can be involved include information measures that ensure that every undertaking within the structured services. Moreover, the entire society involved with Internet businesses should have laws and regulations that dictate what is supposed to be done at any place and time while accessing Internet business transactions (Qin, 2007).


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TOPIC: Essay on Legal Protection for E-Commerce the Assignment

Qin, Z. (2007). Introduction to E-commerce. Berlin: Springer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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