Legal Research Research Paper

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Legal Research

There is a tendency in today's legal environment to over-emphasize the value of computer research and to ignore the traditional advantages offered by case books, legal journals, and legal treatises. Some in the profession are advocating the abandonment of all written materials and adopting computers and the internet as the exclusive source of legal research. Doing so, however, fails to recognize the inherent frailties of internet and computer research: the researcher must still be capable of developing concepts and analogies (Turley, 2010). Computers are incapable of developing either and it is still imperative that the person doing the research possess both abilities.

That being said the value of computers and the internet in the process of doing legal research cannot be overstated (Nolasco, 2010). For hundreds of years, legal research meant locking oneself in a library and meticulously working your way through volumes of case books using West key words until finding the legal support for the propositions of law that applied to the legal issue that you were researching. The nature of the law and its attendant ambiguities made this process laborious and the prevailing party in litigation too often became the party who was most patient or fortunate enough to find the needle in the haystack that was able to make the difference in a close case.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Legal Research There Is a Tendency in Assignment

The beauty of a computer research is the speed at which results can be generated. Through the use of either Westlaw or Lexis a legal researcher with developed skills in the use of key words can avoid hours of paging through heavy piles of books. Lexis and Westlaw have both done an excellent job of preparing and uploading years of case history and made it available to the legal community. Today's modern law student has been raised using computers and is adept at utilizing key words to find the legal concepts and controlling law that supports the positions that they are attempting to defend. As indicated earlier, however, the ability to effectively use key words… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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