Legalization of Marijuana There is much controversy Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana

There is much controversy regarding the legalization of marijuana, as even though the issue has become more and more popular during recent years, the substance continues to be considered taboo in many areas around the world and in the U.S. In particular. About half of the people in the U.S. apparently believe that marijuana should be legalized. While this emphasizes the fact that a large part of the country's population supports cannabis, it also makes it possible for someone to understand how the substance's support in the country is evenly divided. This means that there is still a long way to go before people start to see it as a common concept.

What is particularly intriguing about the U.S. In the context of marijuana legalization campaigns is the fact that the country has a long history of dealing with the drug. Americans have tried to criminalize the drug since the early decades of the twentieth century as the matter became divisive and as the authorities started a wide spread movement intended to raise awareness concerning the presumably negative effects that the substance had on its consumers and on society as a whole.

As the country started to employ more liberal attitudes with regard to several concepts, people felt less hesitant about getting actively involved in supporting marijuana use and in attempting to make it possible for the masses to comprehend why the drug was not as harmful as individuals believed it was.

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Laws prohibiting marijuana use and ownership are starting to be challenged across a series of states in the U.S. Many people in the contemporary U.S. have started to acknowledge a series of benefits associated with consuming marijuana and consider that there is nothing wrong with them using it openly. In order to support their position, these individuals often relate to the comparison between marijuana and alcohol. Alcohol is accepted throughout the U.S. And the fact that it was present in the community for hundreds of years influences people to believe it is perfectly normal for it to be legal.

Essay on Legalization of Marijuana There is much controversy Assignment

Despite the fact that alcohol visibly damages society, it is still widely accepted and the authorities are hesitant about implementing harsher laws regarding it. Doug Benson's film Super High Me relates to the protagonist smoking marijuana for 30 days and studying the effects that the drug has on his body and mind. While eventually proving that the substance has little to no negative effects on the human body, the documentary also relates to alcohol use and to how it can be much more damaging. The film's end credits actually mention that the documentary is dedicated to one of the protagonist's friends who died as a result of a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver.

People frequently compare drunk driving with driving under the influence of cannabis. It would obviously be wrong to say that marijuana does not affect people's ability to drive, but the exact effects that it has on it have not been studied thoroughly. "Drunk driving kills 28 people a day in America, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Studies have not found similar results for driving while high, and it's not even clear that marijuana even increases the number of traffic accidents." (Pointdexter) Even though marijuana use affects individuals using it, it is not even comparable to the effects that alcohol has on the brain.

When regarding marijuana usage, people often find it difficult to determine whether it should be available to certain communities only or if it should be widely available as a recreational drug. This is a very debated topic, as some only support marijuana use in controlled environments and only for people who need it for medical reasons. In contrast, others believe that marijuana should be accepted as a recreational drug.

Contrary to how many are inclined to believe, marijuana is not legal in the Netherlands. The authorities there have implemented legislations that make the substance semi-legal. This means that they are still able to observe who and when purchases it and that it is not available for underage people or on the streets. The country has experienced significant financial benefits as a result of making it possible for people to have access to the drug. The tourism industry has also benefited as a consequence of people coming into the country as a consequence of the cannabis culture that came to develop there.

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