Research Paper: Legalization of Marijuana an Economic Boom for the State of California

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Legalization of marijuana: an economic boom for the state of California.

Cashman, Daniel J. "A Plan to Legalize," Security Management Sept. 1990

Cashman describes how the federal government has failed to demonstrate that its policies regarding marijuana were effective, since it only managed to waste time and money for an unjust cause.

Bock, Alan W. The Politics of Medical Marijuana (Santa Ana, CA: Seven Locks Press, 2000)

Medical marijuana has been around for more than a decade now and considering facts relating to it, it is only safe to claim that the substance is indeed beneficial as medicine and that it is not harmful for society as a whole.

Gerber, Rudolph J. Legalizing Marijuana: Drug Policy Reform and Prohibition Politics (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004)

The U.S. government has generally kept its position concerning marijuana, in spite of the fact that the war against the drug damaged the nation and particularly those people who were not criminals and simply wanted to enjoy the substance.

Halvaksz, Jamon and Lipset, David "Another Kind of Gold: An Introduction to Marijuana in Papua New Guinea," Oceania 76.3 (2006)

People Papua New Guinea have only recently become accustomed to consuming marijuana, given that the plant was not traditionally grown in the territory. Even with that, the substance came to be valued by the locals as they recognized its potential.

"How deadly is marijuana?." Retrieved November 19, 2010, from the Medical News Today Website:

In spite of the fact that government officials have expressed their distrust concerning marijuana and its potential to kill people, studies have shown that there is not connection whatsoever between the substance and deaths.

Krohn, Franklin B. And Suazo, Frances L. "Contemporary Urban Music: Controversial Messages in Hip-hop and Rap Lyrics," et Cetera 52.2 (1995)

Whereas rappers and people generally wanting to promote marijuana do what they think is their best in order to achieve their goal, they are mostly damaging the substance image, as the general public comes to associate it with violence, bad language, and "gang-banging" individuals. Judging from rap videos meant to support the legalization of marijuana, most people are likely to be against this concept.

Souder, Mark and Zimmer, Lynn "Q: Is the Government's War against Marijuana Justified as Public Policy?," Insight on the News 12 Jan. 1998

Putting marijuana users behind bars does not… [END OF PREVIEW]

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