Leisure May Be the Death Term Paper

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The most obvious, as pointed out by Muller, is a common commitment to a free market economy and to political democracy, both of which are dominated by middle class values. However, there are vital differences within these broad areas of agreement, and it is these deviations that place Europe at a disadvantage when dealing with the demise of employment and the growth of leisure. America is better placed to deal with these social changes, and the subsequent economic and political fallout, because of its emphasis upon individualism, commercialism, and its perception of state assistance only as a last resort. Therefore America, as with Japan, is better able to adapt to changes in labor requirements by capitalizing on the social and economic values of competition, individual and corporate enterprise, and minimal regulation. In contrast to this frontier spirit, Europe continues to be guided, and indeed haunted, by a value system that is founded upon class conflict, class consciousness, and state regulation. So, whereas America and Japan will successfully adapt their labor functions to take advantage of the increase in leisure, by diversification and specialization, the danger in Europe is the creation of a Marxist style social conflict between the unemployed 'proletariat', and the employed 'bourgeoisie'. I also believe that Muller is accurate when he extends this European ethos of 'us' against 'them' beyond the limits of class to include the racial element. As he perceptively points out: at the same time as America is growing increasingly multiracial, Europe is veering more and more towards the politics of anti-immigration and racial discrimination. The recent rise in the popularity of Jean Le Pen's 'National Front Party' in France, Jorg Haider's 'Freedom Party' in Austria, and the Italian neo-fascist movement, are evidence of an alarming tendency towards xenophobia and racial intolerance. I feel that the author is correct to highlight the likelihood of anti-social and violent reactions by the indigenous majority, as a result of leisure induced boredom, against racial or cultural minorities.

Official statistics support Muller's assertion that, in the world's most technologically advanced nations, a major change is occurring in the relationship between labor and leisure. As a result of technological advancement, the requirement for human labor is decreasing and the amount of leisure time is increasing. I support the author's claims that, of these nations, those within Western Europe are least likely to be able to cope effectively with the inevitable economic, social, and political difficulties. This support is based on the fact that, unlike nations such as the United States or Japan, the countries of Western Europe continue to be constrained by state intervention, inflexible and costly welfare systems, and a value system that is based on the traditions of class conflict and liberalism.


Muller, S. (1997, Summer). Time to Kill - Europe and the Politics of Leisure. National Interest,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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