Lend Lease Australia the Green Building Strategy Research Proposal

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Lend Lease Australia: the green building strategy

In an increasingly carbon conscious world, there has been a lot of emphasis on the creation of new green buildings and infrastructure. But, with 98 per cent of Australia's existing office buildings built without sustainability considerations, people are starting to recognize the importance of improving this space, rather than using lots of energy to build new buildings (Taylor, 2009). A sustainable building that has a high degree of durability can help to decrease the amount of materials that end up in landfills and use of resources within the community when disasters occur. "The ordinances often provide mandatory requirements for increased resistance to natural disasters with the goal of reducing the number of destroyed buildings while protecting property and saving lives" (Document Helps Implement Green Building Codes, 2009).

There has also been an increase in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) that requires an understanding of the entire life cycle of products by manufacturers in order for them to undertake effective product stewardship or extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs. Through the LCA, it is hoped that business will determine the most effective developments it can make in order to minimize its impact and to utilize resources efficiently. It is thought that by the year 2050, 85% of Australia's total carbon emission budget will be needed to combat landfill's that are emitting very high levels of methane gas (Neales, 2007).

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Green buildings are a relatively new thing in Australia. In 1992 there were many issues that were highlighted as being problems. These issues include: shortages of water, transportation congestion and an increasing demand on energy. The early focus of green buildings in Australia has been mainly in the residential sector. It has taken more than a decade for the ideas of sustainable cities and green buildings to become a main focus of the government (Hubbard, Rice and Beamish, 2008).

Research Proposal on Lend Lease Australia the Green Building Strategy Assignment

Lend Lease which is a leading real estate services business was founded in 1951 in Australia. Their key operating behaviors revolve around the improvement, building and management of real estate properties in both the public and private sectors. The founders of Lend Lease seem to have an authentic aspiration to make valuable and profitable contributions to society through their everyday business activities. They are devoted to meeting the social, cultural and environmental demands that have been set forth in order to create complete and sustainable communities (Hubbard, Rice and Beamish, 2008).

In 2000 and 2001 Lend Lease went through a down period where they were loosing money. It was at this time that they initiated a review process that led to The Bond project. The Bond was designed to enhance the communication that took place between the occupants and the community. Lend Lease made a commitment to engage the community during the development and construction phases while making the decision making process as transparent as possible. The intention of The Bond was to an ecologically sustainable structure along with a socially sustainable environment for both the occupants and the community. The Bond was designed to become a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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