Term Paper: Lesson Redesign and Assessment Based on Social Cognitive Theory

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Leadership Principles

Social cognition theory: Reformulating a lesson plan

Social cognition theory stresses the importance of student modeling in the learning process. Learning, according to social cognition theory is based upon observation of individuals in society. Learning is a social, not an individualized process. "Learning is mediated through an adult's help, it is wrong to focus on a child in isolation. Such focus does not reveal the processes by which children acquire new skills" (Lev Vygotsky and Social Cognition, 2008, Funderstanding).

At present the lesson already emphasizes modeling off of the knowledge of other students. But the lesson could also attempt to make use of different types of modeling. For example, as well as listing verbal cues on the board for the assignment, the teacher could also include pictures of individuals making use of the printing press as an invention. Illustrations of the first printing press, the types of books produced by the original press, modern developments in printing made possible by the original invention, and the ways that everyday activities such as reading mass-produced books are made possible by the press would all be visually presented during the instructional portion of the lesson. Students could compare their own behaviors with those of the illustrations, during the class debate. The visual models would provide added learning support for visual learners. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher would assume control, but gradually students would engage in more dialogue. In line with social cognition theory: "Initially, the person interacting with child assumes most of the responsibility for guiding the problem solving, but gradually this responsibility transfers to the child" (Lev Vygotsky and Social Cognition, 2008, Funderstanding).

To encourage greater self-regulation, students could then be asked in pairs to make a list of… [END OF PREVIEW]

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