There Are Lessons to Be Learned From Littleton Term Paper

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¶ … Lessons to Be Learned from Littleton

The times in which we live are highly turbulent, for young and old people alike. Unfortunately, the turmoil of modern life and the toll it takes on those who are all too human and vulnerable results at times in violent, and deadly outbursts, such as the 1999 school shooting which took place in Littleton, Colorado, during which two students went on a murder spree in their own high school, killing many of their fellow classmates and teachers, wounding many others with gunshot, and leaving everyone wondering why the whole tragic event had to take place, and what can be done to avoid such an event from occurring again. While the popular mindset was to try to extract any possible lesson or warning from the Littleton massacre, one writer, Gary Kleck, put forth the idea that there is not much to be gained from an analysis of this single event; this idea was presented by Kleck in his essay "There Are No Lessons to Be Learned From Littleton." In this paper, Kleck's essay will be summarized and critiqued, in an effort not only to better understand Kleck's viewpoint and its validity (or lack thereof). Upon conclusion of this paper, not only will the essay be more fully explained, but the underlying issues that the essay presents will be as well.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on There Are Lessons to Be Learned From Littleton Assignment

There Are No Lessons to Be Learned From Littleton," upon close study of the essay itself, is part history lesson, part social commentary, and can fairly be categorized as a work of criminal justice/social work research, for lack of better terms. However, it must be understood that Kleck's essay, while discussing the events of the Littleton mass murder case, would not be accurately summarized by simply being called an essay about that case itself; rather, it would be more accurate to say that Kleck uses Littleton as a launching pad for his arguments. As a general overview and summary of Kleck's work, it was written with Littleton as its starting point, but from that starting point, the exploration of what caused Littleton, and other school shootings to occur is examined. Many people would automatically assume that the essay would blame all of the commonly cited reasons for such crimes, but that is clearly not the case when presenting direct quotes from Kleck's actual text. The best example of this can be seen when Kleck collects all of the "usual suspects" that are blamed for such atrocities and dismisses them wholesale, as seen in this quote:

partial list of the problems that have been blamed for the recent mass killings in schools would include: guns, "assault weapons," large-capacity ammunition magazines, lax regulation of gun shows; the failure of parents to secure guns, school cliques, and the exclusion of "outsiders"; bullying and taunting in schools, especially by high school athletes; inadequate school security, especially a lack of metal detectors, armed guards, locker searches, and so forth; excessively large high schools; inadequate monitoring of potentially violent students by schools; lazy, uninvolved Baby Boomer parents and correspondingly inadequate supervision of their children; young killers not being eligible for the death penalty; a lack of religion, especially in schools; violent movies and television; violent video games; violent material and communications on the World Wide Web/Internet (including bomb-making instructions); anti-Semitism, neo-Nazi sentiments, and Hitler worship; "Industrial" music, Marilyn Manson's music, and other "dark" variants of rock music; Satanism; "Goth" culture among adolescents; and Southern culture" (Kleck). As soon as Kleck highlights these possible causes, he dismisses all of them en masse, based on several key arguments that he presents.

The first argument that Kleck presents against easily identified causes for Littleton and other incidents is that in the aftermath of something so terrible and unexpected, people are likely to be emotionally charged, confused and angry. All of this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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There Are Lessons to Be Learned From Littleton Term Paper

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