Lessons From Short Stories Essay

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III. Michael Winter: "Archibald the Arctic"

The work of Michael Winter entitled "Archibald the Arctic" begins with the main character, Gabriel being awakened by his mother informing him that the police officers were at the door. The story relates that Gabriel walked to the porch in his jeans and barefoot and that he had a headache and was hungry. Snow was falling on the police officer's fur hats and the driveway needed shoveling. The officers informed Gabriel that they had a warrant for his arrest and when asking what the charge was, Gabriel was informed that he would be told that when he arrived at the police station. When Gabriel asked if he was under arrest his father came to the door and asked if he could bring his son to the station following breakfast. The older of the two police officers agreed that would be fine and the officers returned to their car.

The father made the assumption that Gabriel was innocent and asked him if it was not his brother, junior, who had committed whatever crime was at issue. This refrain runs throughout the story as Junior is constantly up to something that he somehow convinces his brother is the right thing to do, or at least the right thing to do under the present circumstances.

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Throughout this story, Gabriel's brother Junior is breaking the law and breaking codes of morality but does so in a way that somehow the family finds to be charming and amusing even. Gabriel goes along with his brother and this appears to denote the familial ties that keep family members silent on the misdoings of their family members even when they are themselves found to be in trouble and blamed for the family member's wrongdoings.

In one scene of the story Gabriel and Junior are attempting to total out a Datsun that Junior has been driving because the insurance has become so high on the vehicle due to the many accidents that Junior has had in the vehicle and the scene results in the boys looking into the window of the father's office where everything is arranged in a concise and orderly context appearing to denote the plans that the father had for the lives of his sons.

Essay on Lessons From Short Stories Something Assignment

The ending of the story involves Junior asking Gabriel to loan him his license which Gabriel has been found to use to open bank accounts, receive traffic tickets and ultimately to have warrants for his arrest. Gabriel is shown thinking how Junior must have not thought that Gabriel would ever live his own life as Junior has already, at least on paper, done so for him.

Summary and Conclusion

The short story is a form of writing that conveys a great amount of information in short form and through reading such stories the reader is able to garner information that may span the entire lifetime of the individual in a very short reading time. The shortness of the story, when effectively told however, does not necessarily shorten, or limit the lessons that can be learned from their reading. Each of the short stories reviewed in this study offered lessons to be learned from the lessons learned about family relations in Cheever's short story, to the lessons learned about life in Carver's short story and finally the lessons learned about familial relations and bonding in Winter's short story. It does not require a long and winding novel that involves hundreds of pages for one to learn through the process of reading.

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