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¶ … Smuggling be Legal in Migration but not Business Products?

Smuggling represents the practice or action by businesspersons to import or export commodities or products while evading the tariffs or taxation system. This definition applies to properties that have financial value. Such activities include drugs, necessities (sugar, flour, and cereals), and other relevant products or commodities. Smuggling is a crime against the business principles or policies because of the economic relationship with the interpretation of the law. Smuggling in migration refers to the practice of facilitating transportation of individuals for financial or material gain. Unlike human trafficking, human smuggling focuses on procurement for financial or material gain. Human trafficking focuses on exploitation of migrants in the process of participating in the transaction. There are growing trends on human smuggling in the current or contemporary world because of various perceptions on how the society should consider the practice. Some individuals or scholars propose that smuggling of human beings (human smuggling) should be heroic act rather than criminal activity. This view borrows directly from the social perception on the difference of the context or geographical location that might foster the development of individuals as human beings.

Some scholars view human smuggling as crime against humanity. This perception relates to human rights and the condition in which the smuggling of the individuals takes placeBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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. These scholars argue that human beings in the process of smuggling experience adverse conditions that might be crucial to their health development. Such conditions prove to be costly in relation to the treatment and other relevant costs thus reducing the actual or real income levels. Unlike human smuggling, there is little difference in view of smuggling of market or products with the value. The government or economy suffers mightily for evasion of the taxation system or tariffs by the business agents in the generation of GDP. Taxation systems contribute significantly to the development of the total revenue that the government apply to execute several economical programs. The development programs draw financial assistance from public finance. This raises the question on whether smuggling in migration should be legal rather than smuggling of products and commodities.


The paper seeks to evaluate is human smuggling should be legal rather than smuggling of products and commodities. The policy question or issue states, "should smuggling be legal in migration but not in business products? Human smuggling involves contractual state or agreement between the smuggler and the migrants. This reflects on the distinction between human trafficking and human smuggling. Human trafficking involves forceful adoption of individuals from their native lands to act as slaves or sex objects in other nations away from home. Human trafficking is a crime against humanity while human smuggling proves to be heroic action in the process of transaction. Human smuggling occurs because some individuals try to escape poverty and hardship conditions from their native lands

. Some also look for economic advantages in the new areas to satisfy their needs. Other migrants participate in smuggling practice because of the need for asylum thus political need for protection. Immigration act supports the move with the view of seeking asylum thus the basis for legality of the human smuggling.

Smuggling of commodities or products has considerable influence on the development of total revenue and pricing system within the economy

. This reflects on hindrance to the development and growth of the economy. Smuggling enables business transactions (export and import) to occur with evasion of the environmental orientation of the nation. This indicates smuggling allows businesspersons to avoid paying taxes or tariffs during the process of transactions. One of the causes of smuggling of commodities or products is extent tariff or restrictions in relation to exportation and importation. High tariff and restriction status results into greater cases or incidences of smuggling because business agents would constantly look for ways to maneuver their way past the laws or regulations. Smuggling process has the capacity to offer cheap products to counteract the increase in the pricing system. This leads to adverse effects on the market in relation to individuals who pay tariffs and taxes for their commodities

. Smugglers can afford to sell at cheaper prices because they evade the payment of tariffs and taxes. The process of evasion of the taxation system and other restrictions limit the revenue collections by the government to facilitate public expenditure. Business activities must follow the environmental orientation of the country hence the consideration of smuggling as a criminal offence against the development of the economy.

Other activities or factors that influence the extent of smuggling within the economy are corruption and relations or law systems. High extents of corruption result into low volume of smuggling activities because business agents would find easiest and cheapest way to smuggle their products across the border. The agents would offer financial benefits to the relevant authorities in order to smuggle their products in to the internal market or external environment. Strict law enforcement system leads to the development of low cases or incidences of smuggling within the economy if other conditions remain constant. This notion indicates that fight against smuggling must focus on the adjustment of the regulations or law systems thus reduction in the cases or incidences of illegal exportation and importation practices.

The other economic view that supports legality of the human smuggling practices is the cost of the process and conditions during the transaction. Human smuggling involves contractual practices between the migrant and the smuggler. The migrant agrees to pay some amount of money according to the contract that ends on reaching the destination

. Human smuggling occurs in most cases due to the need of economic benefits in other nations. The migrants have the opportunity to transform their lives and the living conditions of individuals in their native lands. This would improve the economic situation of their native land thus reduction of the poverty incidences. This economical value should initiate the legality of the human smuggling practices. Immigrants also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the GDP of the country of resident hence increase in the economic value. The relevant authority such as government should ensure the legality of the smuggling agents thus legalizing the human smuggling process.

Legalizing the human smuggling practices would improve the conditions of the transaction process. Most human smuggling practices have economic or effective intentions thus should occur under admirable conditions. Human smuggling involves transportation of human beings under adverse environmental conditions such as congestion within the transportation vessels. Improvement of the condition would indicate that immigrants do not have to incur medical cost upon arrival in their destinations. Reduction in the medical cost reflects on the development of the income levels hence indication of growth and development of the economy. The economy can apply this extra amount to help in the development of the other section of the nation hence overall growth of the country.

Governments can generate an enormous amount of financial benefits in the legalization of the human smuggling practices. This is through application of restrictions on financial policies to govern the smuggling practices. The government can generate sufficient revenues in the contractual processes thus increment in the volume of the GDP of the nation. These financial benefits would supplement efforts of the government in executing public expenses in relation to different projects. The smuggling companies or agencies have a role to play in the generation of the GDP of the country. The contributions of the smugglers contain economic value thus crucial to the development of the nations in the smuggling practices. Legalization of the smuggling process would streamline the practices thus enhances the contribution towards the public finance.

Human smuggling practice should undergo legalization in order to confirm that individuals seeking transportation support or assistance do not have elements of crime as they cross the borders. This would limit numerous cases of criminal activities in the new countries thus appropriate environment for economic development. Illegal smuggling of human beings leads to inclusion of criminals whose main objective is to commit the criminal offence across the borders. These criminals find their way to other countries hence the increase in the chances of criminal activities in the new countries. Legalization of smuggling would allow the government to take strict measures in relation to conducting extensive inspection before crossing the border by the criminals. This would reduce the transfer of criminal activities in the new areas thus growth and development of the economy because of minimal interference from criminal intentions. Criminal activities affect the development and growth of the nation from different aspects. The first aspect involves hindrance to economic development because of destruction of properties and investments. This reduces the level of GDP and the total government finance thus affecting the public expenditure. The next aspect is social hindrance to development. Criminal activities exert social tension on individuals thus the negative impact of development as social beings. Criminal activities also create political tension within the nation thus affecting this aspect or sphere of the new… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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