Letter to Dean of Students Essay

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Letter to Dean of Students

Dear Dean of Students

This is a formal letter of complaint expressing concern about the ability of Professor Doe to meet her responsibilities. Professor Doe teaches in a firm but fair manner, and she is clearly passionate and certainly expert in her field of expertise. I am taking her literature class because I am interested in expanding my locus of knowledge in this area, but I have serious reservations about continuing the course. Professor Doe has been exhibiting anti-social if not outright aggressive behavior towards some of her students.

I do not know, nor profess to know, the reasons behind Professor Doe's actions. She may be having personal problems, mitigating circumstances, health issues, or simple stress. Whatever the causes, Professor Doe has displayed signs, both verbal and non-verbal, that she does not respect her students as much as she could or should. The verbal signs include derogatory comments towards her students. A few of the comments have had racially motivated tinges that have raised concerns among many of my classmates. In addition to these racial comments, Professor Doe has also been curt, short, and outright rude. The professor has cut off students asking questions during class. Her impatience is obvious.

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It is unfortunate to have to write this letter to the Dean of Students, to have to go this far. However, I feel it is my duty as a student to encourage the highest possible standards from our instructors. We students have the right to alert the administration of our chosen institution when a professor is not providing the caliber of education we have come to expect.

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Professor Doe, who again is a qualified instructor, has given the impression that she prefer that all students meet the same set of requirements without regard for diversity. She has repeatedly displayed impatience with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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