Letter to the Editor Does Teen Texting Essay

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Letter to the Editor

Does Teen Texting Foretell Traffic Tribulations?

New Haven Register

Sargent Drive

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a college student from Orange, Connecticut and I have a deep concern for the street safety of high school students from Amity Regional High School, and for the people who live and drive in and around the community of Orange. My concern is based on the students' use of cell phones while driving -- that is, the texting activities that students are involved with as they leave the school, as they get into their cars, and as they drive away.

It's dangerous enough to be talking on the phone while driving, but at least while talking the driver can see the road and can respond when the brakes are needed. But texting requires the driver to look down at the phone, or to at least take one's eyes off the road for a brief moment, plenty enough time to plow into a 1st grader crossing the street lugging a heavy backpack.

Is any one besides me paying attention to this problem? Are teachers and administrators at Amity aware that while their students are leaving their last class, heading to their lockers to gather their belongings, they are already checking text messages and are engaged in sending texts -- presumably to friends, family, and others? This is before they leave the school grounds.

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I have waited inside and outside of Amity at different times to pick up my neighbor's daughter, and this has provided me with the opportunity to witness the texting activities of teenagers at the high school. I'm not saying texting is an evil activity, but clearly young people in high school -- a great majority of them -- are not looking up at the sky when they walk down the steps at the main doors and head to the parking lot.

TOPIC: Essay on Letter to the Editor Does Teen Texting Assignment

Their eyes are directed in a downward glance because they are glued to their cell phones, their thumbs are working the keys, punching in those words they will send to some person in the distance that they are communicating with. The weather can be frightfully threatening (heavy rain clouds, snow flurries, or tornado warnings) or perfectly lovely, but many students leaving the high school are totally oblivious to any surroundings -- including people -- because their text messaging compulsion is in play

All -- or at least most -- adults are aware that the law in Connecticut prohibits texting while driving. The Connecticut Office of Highway Safety prohibits any driver from texting while driving, but that doesn't stop high school students in my neighborhood from texting while driving.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 75% of young people 12 to 17 years of age have cell phones -- that is up from 45% just eight years ago in 2004. The Pew research shows that 88% of teen cell phone owners text daily on their phones. In… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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