Letter of Intent to Graduate Program in Accounting Term Paper

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¶ … graduating with a degree in marketing from Concordia University, I was privileged to obtain a wide range of experiences in the field of business. Gradually, it became clear to me that my interests and aptitudes lay in the field of accounting. The detail and rigor of the field compelled me to pursue it further. [My interest in the field of study and the reasons for applying to the program]

One of my most formative and memorable experiences included working for TD Bank where I was able to work with numbers every day, and which used my detail-orientation to its maximum extent. I also worked as a marketing and sales associate for Microsoft which further honed my analytical qualities. Microsoft honed my ability to engage in effective time management, to multitask, and work within a dynamic team environment, all qualities which will enhance my ability to serve in the profession of accounting. [a description of my professional experience and its relevance, if applicable, to the program]

McGill's accounting department offers one of the premier programs in all of Canada, and would enable me to specialize in the field of accounting in the future, channeling my energies so I may assist organizations in making better use of their scarce resources. [My interest in the field of study and the reasons for applying to the program] My marketing background and experience with quantitative analysis would allow me to enhance the dialogue of any classroom of which I was a part and would enable me to apply what I learned academically to numerous real world examples.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Letter of Intent to Graduate Program in Accounting Assignment

Accountants are uniquely poised to flag potential losses and to offer a source of additional revenue and value to an organization through cutting waste. What intrigues me about accounting is the degree to which it affects the entire organization: an accountant can note if too much is being spent upon input costs and processes, for example, versus its human resources. Ultimately, so many business problems are rooted in accounting. [How an Accountant can add value to the company] Even a high-quality organization that has an important mission which it fulfills for the public or a business that provides critical services can be undone by its finances. Accountants 'add value' to a company by being able to objectively evaluate… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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