Letter From Naledi Essay

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The Madam was so mean about everything. She said that Mma could go home to take care of Dineo but she said that Mma was "inconveniencing" her and that if she didn't come back in a week Madam would fire Mma. Doesn't she care that we would have no money to live if that happened?

Why do we have to work so much harder than white people and for so little money compared to them? Why do we have to live so far away from Mma? Why is it alright for Mma to live in Parktown only to work for Madam but not otherwise? Why does Mma have to wash outside like an animal when she works and clean for Madam indoors all day long? Why can Mma use Madam's indoor water to clean Madam's things but not to wash her hands that she uses to wash Madam's things? Why are things this way instead of the right way? I don't understand the explanation that this is "just the way it is" without asking why? Are there any white people who aren't like this? Do they care about us? Or about what is right and what is wrong?

I decided that I don't want to become anybody's servant at all or to go to school to learn how to obey and do chores for white people. I want to become someone more important who does something good for our people; I want to become a doctor, not a servant. I want to do something that will help our people overcome these horrible injustices and unfairness in our country. Mma says it is not like this in other places but that this is just the way that it is here? Why is that? What about other people in other countries? Do they care about us at all? Why doesn't somebody do something to help us?

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TOPIC: Essay on Letter From Naledi to Her Assignment

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