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[. . .] This enhances one's capability to begin and handle transformation. Within the collaborative team, acquiring an optimistic attitude including the influence change seems to have on other people plays a role in efficient conflict management as well as handling of arguments; i.e., having the ability to negotiate, meet half way, and looking for the very best options that yield good results (Xavier, 2005). My recommendation to Jack and Lara utilizing this as the foundation is to make certain that they manage their adverse feelings and employ constructive vessels to vent all of them i.e. they might either write or spend time on art depending on their individual abilities. Moreover, I'd personally also recommend them to not be judgmental or presumptive of what the other person is going to do and the reason why, simply because that may only result in negative thoughts and unfavorable feelings may lead to unfavorable facets of communication. In the same way, constructive feelings may lead to positive elements of communication so it is essential for the two of you to make certain that you have been a supplier of delight to one another every single day too.

Impact of gender and culture

Lots of media interest continues to be focused on the notion that men and women converse extremely differently-in reality, it has been occasionally stated that females and males communicate so diversely from each other that they must have come from totally different planets! Even though sometimes variations in women's and also men's communication patterns appear to be continuous and mind-boggling, they are actually fairly modest. For instance, both males and females could be nurturing, intense, task-focused, or emotional. What is actually essential to take into consideration, nevertheless, is that females and males occasionally comprehend the same messages to have totally different connotations. Actually, it might be due to the variations in message decryption that the "conflict of the genders" happens. Reports say that females, more so than males, have been responsive to the interpersonal connotations that lie "in-between the lines" in the messages they swap with their partners. That is, social presumptions frequently make females accountable for managing closeness, or how close they permit other people to come. Because of this, it has been asserted that females pay much more interest than males towards the underlying connotations regarding intimacy that messages indicate. Males however, more so than ladies, have been much more responsive to "in-between the lines connotations" regarding status. For males, societal presumptions have been that they have to negotiate power structure, or who's the leader and who's the staff (Tannen, 1990; Wood, 2009).

How do these differences emerge in marriages and how do men and women communicate in this context? My advice to Jack and Lara lies here! Women tend to be the relationship specialists and men tend to be task specialists. Women are typically the experts in "rapport talk" which refers to the types of communication that build, maintain, and strengthen relationships. Rapport talk reflects skills of talking, nurturing, emotional expression, empathy, and support. Men are typically the experts in task accomplishment and addressing questions about facts. They are experts in "report talk," which refers to the types of communication that analyzes issues and solves problems. Report talk reflects skills of being competitive, lacking sentimentality, analyzing, and focusing aggressively on task accomplishment (Wood 2009). Jack and Lara will need to find a balance between these two approaches and make sure that they both understand which applies in what circumstance and not allow their 'expertise' to expand their differences but you both need to make sure that these differences make you stronger and grow closer together.

Anytime cultural variation affects the character and results of interpersonal interaction, culture is said to be having some kind of an impact. Understanding about other cultures, such as their structures of knowledge, perception, ideals, practices, as well as artifacts, helps person-to-person communication. Amid culture's lessons are how you can say hello as well as goodbye, when you should communicate and when to stay quiet, the best way to act when angry, just how much eye-to-eye contact to make while communicating, and just how much gesturing and also touching is suitable. If cultural anthropologist Edward T. Hall has been correct in stating that culture is interaction and interaction is culture, then simply culture directs behavior, and that we should take the time to know someone's culture in case we need to understand the individual (Wood 2009). My advice to Jack and Lara thus is to understand each other's cultural and familial background as these elements alone can be the root cause of the differences in their personalities and approach in life.


The paper was primarily a letter of advice that I, as a student of interpersonal communication measures, had addressed to a recently married couple - Lara and Jack Sawyer. The primary aim for this paper was to highlight some of the main interpersonal communication issues that arise in newly married couples followed by advice, supported by relevant scholarly literature, which could help them counter these communication issues.


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