Letter to Senator Bill Nelson on HR 2835 Medical Marijuana Term Paper

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Medicinal Marijuana

A Humanitarian Medical Bill: H.R. 2835: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

To Senator Bill Nelson:

The disconnect between our federal marijuana policy and emergent data on the substance is problematic and senseless. Every year, countless individuals are incarcerated or plunged into legal difficulty and financial debt for the use of cannabis, a substance with few proven negative medical consequences, with no connection to acts of real criminality and even with the demonstration of several curative, medicinal or therapeutic properties. This disconnect would invoke the honorable Democratic representative, Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts to introduce H.R. 2835: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act to the 111th United States Senate. This legislative package represents a major step forward for the United States, which maintains an embarrassingly out-of-touch, misguided and even inhumane policy on marijuana.

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Indeed, Senator Nelson, in spite of your sometimes strong liberal credentials as demonstrated by positions against Floridian offshore oil-drilling and a strong support of prescription drug coverage from seniors. However, there is a major inconsistency in your policy platform, within which you have shown yourself to be clearly in the wrong where medical marijuana and the decriminalization of marijuana are concerned. In a recent correspondence, you are on record as having stated that you "oppose legalizing this dangerous drug." (NORML Foundation, 1)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Letter to Senator Bill Nelson on HR 2835 Medical Marijuana Assignment

This is a position that reflect outdated, bad or fabricated data. The perception that marijuana is dangerous is not just inaccurate, it is also an assumption that has allowed undue suffering to countless Americans with real and otherwise untreatable health maladies. Indeed, as a member of the Hospice and palliative Nurses Association dealing with end of life cancer patients, I have come to see firsthand the lost opportunities to ease suffering and reduce pain that are a result of the current policy approach. Without question, a far greater share of evidence abounds to discredit your view of marijuana as 'dangerous' and to instead endorse this as a substance which the human body processes and uses in positive ways.

Accordingly, Goodwin (2010) would find that amongst patients with surgical and nerve-pain, marijuana was the only substance that helped to reduce physical anguish. Accordingly, Goodwin reports that "patients have repeatedly made claims that smoked cannabis helps to treat pain, but the issue for me had always been the lack of clinical research to support that claim,' said Dr. Mark Ware, director of clinical research at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal. In this small but randomized, controlled trial, 'the pain reductions were modest, but significant,' he said. 'And it was in people for whom nothing else worked.' (Goodwin, 1)

This underscores an important point, beyond just the fact that marijuana should be viewed as a valid therapeutic substance. Namely, we can see that the subjects of the study cited above are not criminals and do not engage in any criminal acts beyond those which have been created by our misplaced marijuana laws. The policy which you have so aggressively supported is one which looks to compound the pain and suffering of those already enduring anguish that you or I couldn't possibly imagine. Your position is, on top of being irrational, inhumane.

I believe this based on my firsthand experience in witnessing those who are prematurely undergoing the end-of-life stages. A recent case in which I watched a patient endure the horrors of advanced stage pancreatic cancer highlighted this perception for me. In this case, it was quite clear to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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