Level Three Leadership an Effective Term Paper

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An effective leader sticks to central concepts in his logical analysis. He deals with similar concepts and avoids tautology at all cost. He is capable of presenting his conclusions based on analysis that had previously been conducted, and data. Moreover, he is capable of protecting himself against his own biases while doing logical analysis because he is resigned to finding the truth. An effective leader values the input of his contemporaries especially those respected in the realms of leadership (Clawson, 2012). By doing this, he seeks to know if his rationale is congruent with theirs. This gives them confidence with regard to whether his arguments would be listened to.

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An effective manager works with people rather than through them to get results. He never abdicates his responsibility to his subordinates as he is responsible for achieving organizational objectives. He endeavors to make work to be a source of satisfaction to the personnel as opposed to being a source of punishment (Pigors & Myers, 1981). He appreciates that human beings are entitled to exercising their self-direction and self-control with regard to attaining the objectives that he is committed to. He recognizes that commitment to objectives is a function of the rewards or incentives given after achieving a specific goal. He is alive to the fact that rewards are given to satisfy ones ego and self-actualization needs. The manager encourages employee participation to encourage their growth and their ability to accept responsibility. An effective manager uses participation as a manipulative tool or a gimmick. He recommends promotions, pay increase, and transfers for his employees. Besides, he keeps his subordinates abreast with what happens in the company (Pigors & Myers, 1981). He constantly carries out job appraisals so that his subordinates become aware of how they are doing. He is open to hearing complaints and grievances of his employees. An effective manager is very aware that freedom is integral when it comes to productivity contrary to a popular belief that supervisors should always breathe down the necks of the employees. An effective manager offers incentives to his employees.

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Term Paper on Level Three Leadership an Effective Assignment

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