Levi Coffin's Article About the Underground Railroad Term Paper

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Levi Coffin's Artical About The Underground Railroad

Levi Coffin is considered to be an important character in the anti-slavery movement that marked the period of the 19th century in America. His religious beliefs determined him to have a positive attitude towards the freeing of slaves and it is considered that through the initiative of the Underground Railway he helped free more than one hundred slaves a year for 33 years. His actual reasons for his actions are however in doubt and most historians are spilt in considering his reasons for acting in such a manner.

Indeed, for that period, it is hard to consider the motivation of a white person willing to help in the antislavery movement. Nonetheless, the religious argument may prove strong enough to motivate a Quaker to fight against inequality and mistreatment of human beings (Jenkins, 1997). In Levi Coffin's article on the Underground Railway, he tries to point out precisely the key issues that would have encouraged him to take such an offensive stand in the matter of slavery. In his argumentation there are certain aspects that relate to the nature of the human being which explain his actions from a moral point-of-view.

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Therefore, he considers his actions of helping fugitive slaves as an act entrusted by God and His authority had been bestowed upon him to do a moral and superior deed, that of helping his fellow human beings. From this perspective, helping slaves to be free from the yoke of slavery was "doing my duty and endeavoring to fulfill the injunctions of the Bible." (Coffin, n.d.). In this sense, from his perspective, his actions were based on a strong religious adherence to God, an element typical for the Quakers.

Term Paper on Levi Coffin's Article About the Underground Railroad Assignment

Another point he makes is in connection with the remarkable sacrifices he is willing to make in order to reach his goal of offering freedom to other human beings. In this sense, he argues that "As to my safety, my life was in the hands of my Divine Master, and I felt that I had his approval.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Underground Railroad Term Paper

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