Lewis Provides a Compelling Reason Against Tipping Research Paper

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Lewis provides a compelling reason against tipping in that people who provide services will expect gratuities, and when these gratuities are not given or are granted in a manner that is below their expectation, the quality of the given service will decline. Rather than focusing on providing as qualitative a service as possible, the service given will depend on the level of the tip and -- I might add - not only is this dangerous in terms of the already prevalent class distinctions in America (that the rich will receive better service than the poor), but the desired level of the tips will arise until the situation may reach absurd proportions.

Lewis provides one part of the picture. We have to see the other side of the counter. Presumably, Lewis, the self-indulgent customer who goes into Starbucks for his coffee and pays a cab to take him on his trips, ignores the man behind the cup or the woman behind the wheel and is indifferent -- because unaware of -- her reality.

I have read what it feels like to hold that cup and to receive a tip!

I have read what it feels like from a 14-year-old girl whose parents sold her sole winter coat to buy themselves drugs and who often had no food to eat because her mother had AIDS and her father was an alcoholic. Unable, since too young and uneducated to procure for herself a job, she was turned away from gas stations when she attempted to gain money through servicing the cars.

One day, dizzy from hunger she passed a supermarket and saw the youngsters packing paid groceries in bags, and near each youngster was a bowl that she noticed, here and there, customers dripped a coin into. The youngsters seemed to be her age, or if not, at least as tall as she. So she stood on tippy-toes to make she appear older, surreptitiously squeezed in between one of the youngsters, picked up a bowl and started packing. She relates her hopes how each approaching customer picked up the bag desperately hoping for a peek of that customer in her face, maybe a smile and best of all, at least, a coin that would show the customer's gratitude.

There was one incident that stuck in my mind: a woman approached. Stacey was sure she would receive no tips. The woman was accompanied by squeezing, squalling children, and the woman herself appeared harassed and tiered. This was a long day for Stacey. She had been standing all the time on her feet -- for more than six hours, and had been tipped by only six people. She was hungry; she had not eaten that morning and there was barely enough in her pocket to buy her the food she so desperately wanted. She prayed: please let the woman look at me. Please let her give me something. Anything. Just let it be something. The woman hauled on by her kids, took the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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