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Sollenberger and Holloway (2013) do not agree that the role of research librarian is diminishing rather they found that the role of these staff has evolved and has become more complex. The nature of information is changing and these research librarians need to learn how to use new databases, new online resources and how to implement new referencing styles customary to different areas. These librarians can become very effective but understanding the nature of information and methods of using it. When asked from the libraries in Massachusetts, the librarians replied that they find it interesting yet challenging to learn about dozens of referencing styles. They replied almost in same manner to the question of "How do I cite a website in my research paper bibliography?" They said that there are multiple international and national methods to cite the articles and sources. They said that it did not take too long to learn these styles but the students are often unclear about the style they want to adopt.

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While there are different styles adopted by various libraries and librarians, the reference librarians normally face same type of challenges. Aabo (2005) says that the medical organizations face different research requirements. The use of internet is important for all type of researches but academic librarians face challenges because the students are inexperienced and take longer time in understanding referencing and research methodologies than the professionals. The internet is offering almost every type of research methodology researchers feel the need of a human that guides them about exactly what they want rather than offering too many options that confuses them. The librarian has since referred the same data and information to many, it is simpler for him to find and cite the information than the student or researcher. Yet, his job is guiding alone and not performing the task actually in place of the researcher. While the traditional librarian reference desks are reducing in number, people still need guidance but there should be a clear job description besides which the research librarian should not be asked any favors.

Aspects of Experience

Research Paper on Librarian the Libraries Are a Assignment

The libraries in Massachusetts were visited by a couple of students at different times and days asking the same research question. Then there was also a brief interview of these research librarians to know if the task they are performing is really critical and work environment they work in. The research librarians were also asked about the changing trends in the job and the increase or decrease in the need for training. The research librarians are one of those employees that need to update their knowledge continuously with the every book added in database and every magazine loaded on the site of the library. The research included the aspects of tasks, costs, benefits and utility of the research librarians in the public and academic sector.

The experience with the academic library suggested that the role of a research librarian is diminishing as the universities are teaching students how to use resources and how to conduct a library research. On the other hand, the students are not really very sharp in implementing the referencing style or they are just too dependent on the research librarians that they do not want to do their job on their own. The academic libraries are recognizing the that research librarians are answering questions to only 11% complex questions and rest of the time is spent in answering to questions that are not a part of their jobs.

The role of research librarian in public libraries is increasing. The medical researchers particularly have genuine need and dependency on the research librarians because it is often outside the job of a medical professional to compose detailed reports. Thus they may need the help of the research librarians to cite articles in their reports. Although the research was conducted only in one public and one academic library but the articles suggest that the results can be generalized. There were no considerable negative aspects of the research but it was found that the research librarians are losing their jobs especially in academia because research is becoming everybody's specialty and not of librarians alone.


The research on the libraries and research librarians suggested that the concept behind the research librarians is very powerful. It saves the time of a researcher to consult a research librarian than to find the data and the referencing style himself. It was found, however, that the researchers might want the research librarians to offer them help that is not their job like citing the articles and sources for them every time they guide them how to use the referencing style. It was also observed that the training and education of the research librarians was a considerable cost for the organizations but the cost is justified only when the library serves the commercial purposes and uses the research for commercial purposes.

It was observed that whether the researchers ask a relevant or irrelevant question, the research librarian was required to entertain the question. This often ends up in violating the job description of the research librarian. She should be helping students to find where the requirements of citation styles are mentioned. Also the research librarians are not hired in enough number in public libraries. Thus, either some visitor leave the library unentertained for their reference questions and others might get extra time more than their due share. The reduction in need for research librarians in some areas put pressure on these staff members and thus they cannot complain the authorities for hiring too little staff for a bigger population area.

New ideas for research

The research on the role of research librarian offered and insight to what they do and what they should be doing as well as what are the costs in terms of training involved. The research can be conducted to find in which ways the research librarians can link ideas, concepts and themes and how can they guide researchers and students in drawing conclusion from the research. In Public libraries especially, the visitors might not be a part of an educational environment and they may need extra guidelines to use their research for reporting purposes that requires helping hand of a research librarian.


Research librarians are the ones serving at the reference desk of libraries to guide how to use research material in libraries and how to cite them. The referencing style is often more difficult part of research even than finding the articles and other reference material. The websites as well as referencing styles are different and there are different styles used to refer and internet resource with or without author. Most of the questions an academic library research librarian receives are about the referencing styles. While the students are now getting training to do this job themselves and the schools consider it a cost to hire and train multiple research librarians, the job might be the next one among the 'eliminated jobs' not totally but at least from academia. The public and medical libraries on the other hand still need the help of research libraries and it seems that their need will not expire at least in near future.


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