Licensing as a Family Nurse Research Paper

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In the section of this document dedicated to practical nurses, the author explicitly states that "It is the responsibility of the qualified license nurse to promote patient/client education and to involve the patient/client and, when appropriate, significant others in the establishment and implementation of health goals" (CMR Board, 1994, p. 12). This passage is important because not only does it outline this specific duty for family nurse practitioners, but also it denotes the fact that these professionals will be involved with other practitioners (such as physicians) to help patients achieve optimal health status.

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In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities of family nurse practitioners in settings such as doctor's offices, their collaborative approach to assisting patients also includes disseminating orders to other health care personnel. Therefore, not only will these professionals work under the supervision of physicians, but they will also have health care professionals working under their supervision. The Nurse Practice Act contains specific guidelines to what sorts of responsibilities nurse practitioners can delegate to their subordinates, which includes administrative and basic tasks related to patient welfare such as mobilization or the obtaining of blood pressure and other sorts of data (CMR Board, 1994, 11). This fact confirms the notion that family nurse practitioners can work in doctor's offices, where oftentimes physicians have minor health care workers such as physician's assistants who perform these menial tasks for them. Family nurse practitioners will suitably fit in such an environment, because they will not only be able to work under the supervision of a physician as needed, but will also be able to supervise other workers such as physician's assistants as needed.

Research Paper on Licensing as a Family Nurse Assignment

Family nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who have advanced training and experience. Oftentimes, these professionals may have a graduate level degree. Due to the fact that there is an impending shortage of health care professionals, one of the most viable places for a family nurse practitioner to work is in a doctor's office. In this type of setting such a professional can actually aid physicians and their work load considerably by performing primary care service on a variety of individuals of virtually all ages and walks of life. As such, working in this type of organization is extremely likely for a family nurse practitioner and a clear career path to steady work.


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