Life Altering Events Change Term Paper

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Life Altering Events

Change, it is said, is the only constant in life. Change, as it happens, is also crucial in facilitating the growth of an individual through his or her life span. In fact, it can even be said that change is at the fulcrum of Nature's grand design of evolution. Strangely, however, if there is one thing that we humans are prone to resist -- it is change. Today, I personally welcome change as an opportunity to learn and grow. But, I must admit that I did not always welcome events that upset my well-ordered life. Indeed, I can recall two specific points of time when I deeply resented the events that altered the course of my life. The first of these took place during my adolescence when the death of my uncle left a deep void in my life. The second event occurred recently when I was forced to accept the break down of an intimate relationship.

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Carl Jung once observed, "We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses." (Words of Wisdom) The undeniable wisdom in Jung's words is something that perhaps an adult, who is facing the disruption caused by the death of a loved one, can appreciate. I, however, was too young to even comprehend or accept that death is an inevitable part of life's cycle. Therefore, my uncle's death was a point of change and discontinuity, which resulted in a wide range of personal emotions that I had to learn to deal with. In fact, as I look back on that traumatic time, I am able to see exactly what Tennant and Pogson meant when they said, "It is, thus, the unexpected life events, those that occur 'out of time' that are the potential crises." (Smith, 1999).

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My uncle's untimely demise was a personal crisis of some magnitude because he was a key figure in my young life. Besides being a person who I regarded as my mentor and idol, my uncle was the person who made it a point to take me on camping and fishing expeditions, and to all kinds of sporting activities. When I learnt of his death, therefore, I felt his loss on more than one level. Indeed, the grief was so deep, I felt like a boat set out to drift without an anchor. The result of feeling so bereft, unfortunately, led to a period of depression and withdrawal interspersed by bouts of anger at the perceived unfairness of a hand dealt by a cruel and indifferent fate. In fact, I must admit, that I spent a lot of time in asking the rather futile question of "why me?"

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