Life it Is Important Thesis

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Muhammad's message is for the entire universe. Those who have pondered over and followed his teachings are reported to have lead meaningful and a satisfied life. The Prophet Muhammad's teachings appear to have a continuous positive effect on the human souls (Nyang 297).

Every one of us faces ethical issues at work and at home. It is important for the followers of Muhammad to follow the rules and regulations he brought with God's will. It is extremely important because only then one could be able to function as the vicegerent of God. The God expects his intelligent creation (human beings) to lead a satisfactory life by covering all aspects of it with the purity of heart and mind. The flow of life should be according to the prescribed teachings of Muhammad because no person is allowed to go his/her own way (Kavakci 51).

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The Holy Book of Muslims, Koran openly tells the humanity about the prestigious designation assigned to Muhammad. It says, "Verily, in the Messenger of God you have the best example for everyone who looks forward (with hope) to God and the Last Day, and remembers God constantly" (33:21 as qtd. In Sultan). Muhammad has also been described as the person who has the highest standard of character and morals. For those who have studied Koran, Islamic Sharia and Muhammad's teachings, the meaning of life is simple. They follow the footsteps of Muhammad in their everyday life because they get to realize that by following his footsteps, they would get the closeness to God which should be one's life's sole purpose.

As stated in Koran (65:11), the teachings of Muhammad "can lead believers "out of the depths of darkness" with faith and religious deeds" (Sultan). Thus, those who want to understand the meaning of life realize that they should achieve the closeness and favor of God and receive his Divine blessings by leading their life according to the path set by Muhammad's life example (Sultan).

Muhammad's Teachings are Universal

Thesis on Life it Is Important to Assignment

According to the perspective given in the Holy Koran, the prophets that were sent to the Eart before Muhammad were meant to teach a particular group of people, at certain times and places. However, Muhammad's teachings are meant to be all people, for all times and for all places. This universality of his message not only guides the Muslims to live a contented and meaningful life but also lights the path of those who are not Muslims but seek Muhammad's teachings as a guideline to understand and lead life (Sultan).

Muhammad was indeed a man who had the ability to elevate strong dedication among the people. He was a passionate man inspired by God and truly dedicated his life for the betterment of people and drived them out of the darkness, making them understand the true meaning of life. He is not only a true Prophet for the people he came to but for the whole humanity. He was a man of his words and lived up to what he taught others. It is indeed a crystal clear reality that Muhammad's teachings inspire the whole world whether they follow his special teachings or not (Besant 3).

Muhammad was successful in creating such a positive impression on the people which is proved by the fact that a Muslim is never ashamed of his religion. This characteristic is very rare to be found in people who belong to other faiths. The wonderful influence of Muhammad and his teachings has transmitted from one Muslim generation to another (Besant 5).


To cut a long story short, Muhammad taught the human civilization that "life is a sacred trust from God and a human is a trustee who should handle the trust with honesty and skill, and with mindfulness of God." God has given life to the human beings and has endowed them with qualities, skills and abilities that are unique and outstanding. He has charged man with some definite responsibilities to carry out. According to the teachings of Muhammad, Allah (God) is always present to help human beings for fulfilling the purpose of their lives and also helps them to realize the goal of their existence. Only those hopeful, optimistic and positive humans who seek the pleasure of God in even their minutest tasks are given the bounty of having eternal pleasure in the permanent life after death ("").

Muhammad asks his followers to "Live in this world as if you are a traveller or a wayfarer" (as qtd. In Life can be viewed as a journey that starts from a certain point i.e. birth and ends at a particular destination i.e. death. Life, in simple words, is a transitional process whereby an individual, a soul is introduced to the never-ending, timeless life in the Hereafter ("").

The Islamic and Muhammadan teachings thus describe that the best kind of life to live is one that is spent according to the guidance of God. One should be involved in moral-based activities and perform good deeds so that he/she could be sure of having a place of his/her own in the Paradise. Life has to end. It is a definite and unchanged fact. This is the reason why one must follow the comprehensive system of principles and regulations defined by Muhammad in his teachings. A hopeful person would always keep his faith in God (as I do). I believe (inspired by Muhammad's teachings) that every one of us belongs to God and we would be finally returning to Him sooner or later. Therefore, I intend to live a meaningful of life because to me the meaning of life lies in the fact that one must have good intentions and spend his/her life following the path of goodness and righteousness. Life, to me, is nothing but a complete circle and finally everyone would enter the doorway of death that leads to the true endless continuation.


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