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The main aspect of his theology was the sensitivity of the modern philosophical concerns of how evolution, existentialism, and personalism could be argued in the form of Catholicism.

Rahner it seemed had a major intention of bringing about a reality of theological thought at the way the Christian faith lived and worshipped, not by just speaking to God but by confronting major issues that had been brought about by modern philosophers and scientists (Anonymous, 1996).

Rahner's major works ranger from Theological Investigations (14 vol.; trans.

1961-76), Hearers of the Word (1941; trans. 1969), in this piece he discussed how humans seek and try to understand divine revelations. He also published Foundations of Christian Faith: An Introduction to the Idea of Christianity (1978), and Words of Faith (1987) published after his death.

Rahner, also founded in 1965 the journal of Concilium and served as the chief editor for many of the sourcebooks used in the church documents such as Enchiridion Symbolorum, from its 28th to 31st editions (Anonymous, 1996).

Along with these he also became editor of several major important works on theological debate and reference. Rahner is one of the most respected of Christian theologists.

His quality and quantity of work outranks many of the churches modern philosophers but also he is seen to have been a man who steeped himself in deep articulate thinking (Anonymous, 1996 and Anonymous, 1993).

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His approach to theology is typical of the 1930's: a Christian answer to the secular loss of the transcendence of the Lord God. This can be seen to differ from earlier generations as they met this challenge through the tenets of liberalism and modernism.

Rahner and his circle debated that the recovery of the sense of the transcendent could only be regained through a re-appropriation of the older and purer forms of the classical sources of Christian theology, especially those of St. Augustine and St. Aquinas. His approach was a commingling of the German idealist approach and existentialism with Thomism (Anonymous, 1993).

Term Paper on Life of Karlk Rahner, German Assignment

One aspect that Rahner argued for was Aquinas' theory of casualty of contingency, in conjunction with the theory of Causality, Contingency has often been used as the proof of the existence of God. Just as Causality attracts many critics so does Contingency.

It has been stated that; "The contingency of the evolution of the world depends on this asymmetry: a fact's holding necessitates the holding of its causes, but not of its effects." (Koons 193). This is one of the difficult arguments as it practically impossible to prove as true, or disprove as false. For this reason controversy and discussion will continue, and in this respect Thomas Aquinas's philosophy remains in the same category as other schools of philosophical thought; still available for discussion and debate which will continue to stimulate the human mind in the search for the truth.

Rahner was an exceptional man yet he did not consider that all religions were of an equal standing not did he believe in any particular standing where there could be a common role making within meeting God.

He argued that Christianity was an exclusive religion and as such had sole contact with God, its status was above all others. Moreover, he questioned the access of other religions if they were given the same understanding of God that Christianity held.

By utilising his theories and philosophies of Kant, Augustine and Aquinas Rahner has given a fundamental approach to religion that allows for him to bring forth the beliefs of non-Christian religions into a traditional progressive attitude of theological studies for those to understand the grace of God.

Rahner is one of those members of the church whose free thinking ideals and works has enable the Catholic church to move forward out of the dark ages.


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