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She felt that she needed answer from her mother in order to justify her action. Eva got hurt from this inquiry. With a heavy heart, she recalled her past and decided to narrate some part of her life's history to Hannah in order to give answer to her question.

Eva has faced many hardships and severe conditions in her life and sacrificed her own needs and happiness just to fulfill the needs and demands of Hannah and other children. When his husband left her and children without any money, it was Eva who bore hardships to up bring her kids and provided them with necessities of life. She sacrificed her one leg to collect enough money so that she would be able to buy food for her family.

Hannah also raised this question for her mother because she wanted to know that why Eva killed Pulm, her younger brother. Hannah loved Pulm and he was her dearest sibling. This act of Eva made Hannah more curious.

Eva was always ready to face difficult situations and bear sufferings for her children, but she was never able to express her feelings in front of them. The writer wanted to explain that at times it becomes necessary to express your feelings, even if the other person understands your feelings, as words give assurance and high level of comfort. Hannah wanted the same assurance and level of comfort from her mother.

Reason behind Eva killing her son and author's intent when she created this event

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Another question raised by Hannah was about the death of Pulm that why Eva killed her. Hannah was disturbed about the killing of Pulm by her mother and wanted to know the reason behind this action of Eva. Eva loved her son and was very proud of him. Pulm served in the army at a very respectable position. He was respected by the whole nation when he returned home from war after contributing a lot in World War I. People acknowledged his services and he was treated gracefully.

Book Report on Life: The Main Character of Assignment

After returning home, people witnessed change in the personality of the Pulm. He was not the same person who left to serve his country. He started to keep distance from the social gatherings and become reserved. At the same time he also distanced himself from his mother Eva. His strange actions and attitude made his family, relatives, and friends concerned about him and they wanted to know the reason and cause behind this change of attitude of Pulm.

The main reason behind all these changes was that Pulm got addicted to drugs and indulged in bad habits. Eva got irritated with his childish acts and decided to lay him to rest. She visited his room one evening and loved him like a child. Then she burned him alive with the help of kerosene.

The writer wanted to portray a high image of mother with the help of this event. Toni Morrison wanted to show the ultimate level of love and compassion a mother has, which made her go to such extent that she was even ready to burn her own son alive for his betterment and benefits. Eva wanted to give his son the death of a man and not like a baby. She was of the view that this was the best way of ending all troubles Plum was facing.

List of Social Issues that have Come up in the Novel

The different social events and issues presented in the novel by the writer are as follow:

a) Fear of War: Men from all the houses were forced to take part in the war. People indulged in war not for their own interests but in order to serve their country. People of the town wanted to get their reserved rights from the government as they strived hard every year just in hope to get acknowledged. But the people were afraid of war and the women did not want to lose men of their families because of the war.

b) Mentally ill people: The World War I and World War II had adverse effects on the soldiers and in return the families had to suffer. People who returned alive from the war were mentally disturbed and got addicted to drugs.

c) Drug Addictions: The soldiers of the wars were distressed and got addicted to drugs. As a result of drug addiction they were also involved in other illegal and bad activities like stealing just to get small quantity of drugs. They were also ready to hurt their own families.

d) Negligence on part of the Parents: There were different parents who got indulged in wrong activities and relationships and neglected their children. Apart from this, parents were busy in earning livings for their family that they also neglected and ignored their children. Because of this negligence on part of the parents, the children suffered and this was also reflected in their youth and they indulged in negative activities.

e) Prostitution was very common at that time.

f) Absence of Faith: People had no faith in God or in other religious aspects and matters.

g) Poverty: Poverty was another important issue and people were ready to do anything in order to get money.

The end of Ajax and Sula's Love

Sula returned to Bottom after many years but no one was happy to see her back in the town and she had a bad reputation among the people. People of Bottom blamed her for the death of her mother, Hannah, just like her grandmother. Everyone maintained a distance from her and every negative incident was blamed on her. Whether it was a child falling from her porch or death of the man who died while eating a piece of chicken.

Sula was abandoned by everyone in the town and no one wanted to talk to her or keep any relation with her. In these severe conditions, Ajax came into life of Sula. He got interested in her because of her irresponsible and don't care attitude. Ajax liked the attitude and way of living of Sula. She was least bothered about the views of others about her and was living in her own style and manner. She was not concerned about the opinions of other people and was not worried because of her bad reputation. Ajax had almost similar nature and for this reason he got attracted to Sula.

There were no rules and restrictions within the relationship of Ajax and Sula. Both had their own independence. Ajax loved his freedom, but Sula got serious about this relationship and wanted to spend rest of her life with him. This seriousness on part of Sula was unacceptable by Ajax. He was not interested in long-term and serious relationship and wanted to live like this. He was in love with irresponsibility and rebelliousness of Sula, and this sudden change in the attitude of Sula forced him to leave her. Ajax left Sula as he was not interested in serious affiliations and bonding.

Sula even got to know that Ajax was not the real name of her lover; it was Albert Jacks-short which was also pronounced as A. Jacks or Ajax.

List of character name associations

a) Eva -- Eve, first woman

b) Peace -- ironic

c) Boy -- immature

d) Helene -- Helen of Troy -- powerful woman

e) Wright -- " right," good

f) Hannah -- Biblical Hannah also had many men

g) Plum -- sweet, goes bad

h) Sula -- African roots

i) Nel -- old-fashioned, sweet

j) Jude -- Judas, betrayer

k) Deweys -- Huey, Louie and Dewey

l) Tar Baby -- ironic

m) Shadrack -- survived fire in Bible (Book of Daniel

n) Ajax -- Greek hero or Albert Jacks, ordinary

What happened at tunnel related to the Civil Rights Movement:

The story of the novel is based on the people of the Bottom. In the mid of twentieth century people living in this region were mostly African-American or commonly known as black people. People of Bottom were criticized on the grounds of color and had to face serious discriminations.

The tunnel was a source of earning livings by people especially by black African natives. They were appointed to build the tunnel. The tunnel was also known as new river road. This tunnel was a symbol of hope and respect for the people of town. It motivated and encouraged them that they will be able to get the equal rights and the world will acknowledge their presence. They also felt that they will have money to fulfill the needs and desires of their families. But all these hope and motivation ended when they had to face constant racism and discrimination from the white people. The white people were interested in destroying the land of black people and build a golf course.

Every year the Suicide Day was celebrated by the people of Bottom in order to get their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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