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¶ … Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote many forms of music in his lifetime. Mozart composed most of his work with great ease and this is shown in the extensive amount of compositions he has written. He composed over 150 musical works between 1782 and 1785. The compositions Mozart composed was a wide range of varieties including: operas, church music, vocal and choral music, orchestral music, chamber music, piano music, and organ music. Hayden told Leopold Mozart, Mozart's father that his son was, "the greatest composer known to me in person or by name; he has taste and, what is more, the greatest knowledge of composition" (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 2010). Influenced by his father, who was a writer on violin-playing influential treatise, Mozart showed expertise at playing the violin and the keyboard at an early age and from there was writing composition.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was part of the Classical period of classical music and was a major innovator of classical music and the achievements, it would undertake.

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Mozart was born in 1756 in Salzburg and was the only living son of Leopold Mozart, a musician of his own merit. He was playing the keyboard and the violin by the age of four years old as well as composing by the age of five years old. The Archbishop of Salzburg provided the funding for the family to travel to Paris and London between 1763 and 1766. Mozart was commissioned in Italy from 1771 until 1773 to compose operas. In 1971, Mozart composed an opera, Idomeneo, for the Elector of Bavaria in Munich and lived the ten years in Munich enjoying his independence without any security or stability in his life living off the flow of his commissioned work.

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Mozart married in 1782 to the younger sister of a previous love interest broken up by his father. Leopold Mozart was often criticized for exploiting his son for financial gain but there is no doubt to the guidance he had in Mozart's success. "While it is very common for great composers to come from musical backgrounds and receive encouragement and help in their young lives, Mozart's musical debt to his father is unmatched." Mozart died in 1797 from a serious illness.

Mozart's music is from the classic era which includes the composer, Joseph Hayden. Mozart' violin concertos were written when he was nineteen years old. They were most likely written to showcase his expertise as a violinist but Mozart stepped down from the position he held within the Salzburg court and was replaced by Antonio Brunetti, an even nore skilled violinist. Speculation has suggests that Violin Concerto No 4 and No5 were composed so physically demanding so that they could showcase the skill of Brunetti. It was written in allegro, followed by andante cantabile and ended with rondeau: andante grazioso. Allegro tempo is defined as a fast or brisk and lively. The definition for andante cantabile is flowing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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