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.. (therefore whoever) calls to mind the atrocities of the early migrations, of the invasion by the Huns or by the so-called Mongols under Genghis Khan and Tamurlane, of the sack of Jerusalem by the pious Crusaders, even indeed the horrors of the last world-war, will have to bow his head humbly before the truth of this view of man."

Throughout history, mankind built cultures and societies which have sought to establish a connection with a purpose higher than, and outside his own existence. The purpose of this statement is not the debate between religious belief systems, but to recognize that every human culture has worked to establish a functional belief system by which they approach, and seek interaction with a purpose in their life.

Freud continued by constructing an idea that mankind is fundamentally good, and therefore does not need to search for meaning outside of himself. For Freud, he agreed with the dominant political philosophy on the European continent at his time. He said "The Communists believe they have found a way of delivering us from this evil. Man is wholeheartedly good and friendly to his neighbor, they say, but the system of private property has corrupted his nature." Therefore if man was fundamentally good, he did not need Nietzsche's approach to life which placed values of others ahead of self. Pursuing self-interest was pursuing good interests.

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Expect for Freud, who would likely have been quite happy finding meaning in a lifetime subscription to Hustler Magazine, the process by which men search for, and find purpose in life most often is based on coming into connection with a purpose outside of themselves, and their own efforts. Through metaphor, Morrison connected with this idea also. Morrison's work played out the actions of a self seeking man, and how his actions, even in response to injustice, created harm to others. Therefore, the meaning for life, and the value of a person, as seen in the responses of others to the death of the old white man, was something place in the man's life by powers outside of himself.

Term Paper on Life: Purpose the Meaning for Assignment

This process of connecting with a purpose in life most often involves a connection with an idea of a deity who is involved in their lives in some way. These tendencies are unique to the human creature; therefore evolution has no explanation for this universal human approach to life. The only possible conclusion, based on empirical evidence is that the human creature is different then the rest of creation, and needs to find a connection to a purpose outside of himself.

The question of 'what is man's purpose' rests on two deeper inquires. In order to find an answer to the secondary inquisition, the first must be accurately identified. Identifying life's purpose rests on the answer to these equally thorny questions, first: "What am I seeking" and secondly: "what will provide lasting, (if not eternal) satisfaction" Some seek money and power, others seek status. Macon sought justice, and personal recognition. Freud sought physical pleasure. Nietzsche sought balance and order in a culture which had been torn by war for centuries. For these individual, the purpose of life was believed to be the attainment of their goals. But the universality of man's quest to identify a purpose, and often with a deity outside of himself suggests that there is a deeper purpose to man's existence.

Author Rick Warren suggested another purpose. In his book A Purpose Driven Life Warren says that man is created for an intimate relationship with God. (Warren, 2000) He suggests that are specifically formed to fit that purpose, and when men find that relationship with a loving Creator, he has found a purpose that will last beyond pleasure, beyond wealth, beyond personal recognition or political peace.


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