Life Represents the Sum of Our Experiences Essay

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Life represents the sum of our experiences and the things we learn throughout. Although this is a generally acknowledged fact, most of the times, we tend to forget the need and duty to be engaged in a continuous learning process. We often fall pray tour daily activities and we forget to draw a conclusion from every activity we are engaged in. This is why it is important that we draw the line and always look back on our achievement or misfortunes, on our professional accomplishments as well as our shortcomings. This course has enabled me to both expand on my qualities and have results which enriched my horizon and to see my shortcomings and my flaws in order to correct them. It has been an important experience from all points-of-view.

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One of the most important aspects of the course was the fact that it opened my eyes more clearly about the need to be active in a society. We live in a society which is considered to be one of the most developed societies in the world with an immense financial potential as well as the capacity to bring in immigrants and offer them the possibility and the chance to achieve the American Dream. At the same time, we often complain about the difficulties people face on a daily basis as a result of the American bureaucratic system and the limited possibilities of people to go about their everyday life. Yet very few of us actually consider doing something about it in the sense that they would transform their frustration into a more constructive attitude which includes the involvement in actions that would solve at least parts of a major problem. This course, in a direct or indirect manner, has shown me that one of the most important qualities of an individual is the care. This must not necessarily be related to his family or his close community, but rather a care expressed for the world in general.

Essay on Life Represents the Sum of Our Experiences Assignment

We must be active in our society because it is the work of the individual which counts in the end and every initiative is important for the people it reaches and for which it makes a difference. I learned this at a theoretical level through the readings of the course but also through practical work. One of the most rewarding aspects of this period was the discovery of the Ten Thousands Villages non-profit corporation based in Canada. Their activity inspired me in a similar manner as many of the events in my childhood and young adulthood have. Their activity includes help given to Third World peoples who struggle with poverty and mediocrity. More precisely, the company works with artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed, providing them with both market and product development assistance. The income earned by the producers helps pay for food, education, healthcare and housing. Although there are a lot of projects similar to this one, the results are visible here.

We, as human beings, tend to have serious doubts concerning even the non-profit organizations which we believe to be simple images for otherwise illicit affairs or exploitation. The case of the TTV however is different, yet still I had to research their activity to believe it. Indeed though, they do not exploit the people who make the things traded in the U.S. They receive fair prices and respect for their work. Their work is as significant as people who receive the money for their work are now able to take their children to school and offer them the possibility for a better life. We often take these things for granted; yet for the less fortunate, they are the result of continuous struggle.

Another aspect of the course which allowed me to give some thought both on my previous experiences as well as on what I could do to make the lives of some people better was the situation of the Vietnamese people and their experiences as immigrants. In my everyday life I come across a variety of people from different age groups, racial groups, as well as people who have chosen to live their lives different from the rest of us. Yet this course allowed me to be more tolerant to these differences. I can say that it offered me the food for thought I needed to understand that "different" does not mean "bad'. As a child I was always afraid of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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