Life Safety in a Government Building Essay

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Life Safety in a Government Building

Hawaii has an extensive building code that is designed to protect against various damages resulting from: natural and manmade disasters. Where, a number of sub-sections are implemented, to address the specific threats that could affect the island's distinctive buildings. One such structure is the Territorial / Kekuanao'a Building. Where, this historic site played a unique role in the island's history, since it was constructed in 1926. (Fisher, 2010) However, to fully understand how the code can protect a number of different structures requires examining this building by looking at: the fire / safety systems, if the system meets the needs / uses of the structure, if they conducted various safety procedures (such as fire drills) and the overall assessment of property. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how the fire safety code protects a number of different structures throughout Hawaii.

What is the total fire and life safety systems built into the structure?

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Under the Hawaii safety code the Territorial / Kekuanao'a Building would be qualified as a historical structure. Especially, when you consider the building's age and what it was used for in the past. In the case of this building, it would be subject to the traditional requirements of fire / safety standards this includes: installing fire alarms, fire hydrants / fire extinguishers, ventilators, having sprinklers installed throughout the structure and there must be multiple points of exiting the building. Once these various safety procedures have been implemented, the owner of the building must ensure that all fire safety equipment is in proper working order. This is important, because it establishes a foundation, for being able to slow the ability of the fire from spreading and it allows everyone to safely evacuate the structure, in the event of an emergency. ("State of Hawaii Fire Code," 2010)

Does the system meet the life safety needs and use of this structure?

Essay on Life Safety in a Government Building Assignment

Yes. The reason why, is because these basic provisions of the building code will protect the structure, against any… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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