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Life Span Development

Life-Span Development: From Birth to Death

One's personal, physical and emotional development is cumulative. The nature of experiences and development during each state of the life-span will have an impact on how subsequent stages are experienced for better or for worse. The following is a concise overview of the changes and normative patterns relating to the life-span. Thus, the discussion will provide a brief examination of each phase, including the prenatal, infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood and late adulthood stages. This will contribute to a general understanding of the way that experiences, exposures and environments will impact one throughout one's life.

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Term Paper on Life Span Assignment

The process of human development is assessed according to multiple phases, each of which carries its own distinct set of expectations in terms of emotional growth, psychological development, physical maturation and social awareness. With each phase will also come a distinct set of life cycle considerations and a set of both socially and self-imposed pressures to participate in certain rites and elements of the life cycle. The intercession of these realities produces what are referred to in psychology and sociology as the stages of development. These will tend to be distinguished from one another in a normally developing individual by an array of physical, mental and sexual changes that will significantly shape the course of one's life. The concept of emotional development is described in Erik H. Erikson's 1963 text, Childhood and Society. Here, the sociologist asserts that the ability of one's parents during the formative stages of life to earn the infant's trust will impact directly the success of his development. To the point, in elucidating the stages of emotional development which contribute to the mental and psychological growth… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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