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Life in my Squantum, Massachusetts home is a simple one. The winters are hard here but the rest of the seasons are quite pleasant. The land around our home is rocky and so we spend a great deal of our time dragging the larger rocks out of our fields and then sifting the soil for the smaller stones so that the fields can be properly plowed. My father is quite adamant about our removing as much debris from the fields as possible. We are forced to rely on farm tools to arrive from England and because such tools are so expensive my father is very protective of his equipment. A broken plow can mean the loss of an entire planting season and my family cannot afford this to happen. As a result, we are quite careful in helping my father in properly preparing the fields.

Our family belongs to a religious sect known as Puritans. We were all originally born in England but spent several years in Holland prior to setting sail for the colonies. Our entire town attends the same small church and everyone in the town is very close. Our church is an important of our daily lives and most of our social events are centered around the church. In our small town of several hundred people only two or three citizens are not members of our church. These individuals are treated politely by everyone but they make no real attempt to involve themselves in the social activities of the community and because they are not members of the church they are not allowed to attend services. Why they are not members of the church I do not know and my parents and other members of the community do not talk about it.

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The Sabbath is an extremely important day in our town. Nearly the entire day is spent in our tiny meetinghouse. This was the first building built in our town and everything else was built up around it. The interior of the meetinghouse, our church, is very simple. There is a simple area in the front of the church with a small lectern for our elders to lead us in prayer and wooden benches for us to sit during the ceremonies. Our services last most of the day and the benches can get quite uncomfortable but we enjoy our Sabbath services. They bring us together as a community and allow us the opportunity to honor our God.

Term Paper on Life in My Squantum, Massachusetts Home Is Assignment

I am the oldest child in a family of six. Besides my father and mother I have two brothers and one sister. My dad is clearly the leader of my family and everyone follows his direction. He is a serious man with deep religious convictions. He works extremely hard and has little time to relax or have fun. Even if he did I doubt very much that he choose to do anything but work. It seems to provide him with a great deal of enjoyment. Coming to the colonies was a hard decision for him. He was forced to leave his parents and the rest of his family back in Holland but he felt that moving his family to the colonies was best for his wife and children.

My mother oversees everything in and around our small one room house. The fact that we are forced to have a dirt floor is particularly frustrating to my mother as no matter how hard she tries the home is always dirty and cold. We have a large fireplace and plenty of wood but most of the year it is cold in and around our home. Nevertheless, my mother stays busy cooking our meals, making our clothes, and caring for the needs of four children. She is supportive of my father in every way and would never think to counter his dictates in any way but she is much softer in her discipline of us. In any event, none of us would ever think to disobey our parents in any way. Part of this is due to our fear of our father but the other part is that we love them both dearly and would never want to disappoint them.

My two brothers and I keep busy every day helping my father in the fields. There is very little time for play. Our days begin early, before sunrise, as we attempt to take advantage of as much light as possible. Once the sun sets in our town there is very little activity. Like everything else here, anything that must be brought from England by ship is very expensive and in short supply. The candles necessary to provide light come mostly from England so we use them sparingly. My sister helps my mother make some of the candles we use but making candles is a time consuming activity and there are so many other things that need to be done such as making soap that candle making is considered far less important. We tend to get done what we can while the sun is out and retire to our beds once the sun goes down.

There is little time at the end of the day for anything but dinner and bed but our mother still finds time to teach us how to read and write. The Bible is our only book but my mother uses it to not only teach us how to read but also how to deal with life's other lessons. Learning to write is difficult because we do not have access to paper. We do most of our writing on a piece of slate. Like my father's tools, all paper must be brought over from England and those ships arrive very infrequently and even when they do arrive my family is very poor and paper and ink are very expensive.

Because we live so far from England and ships from there are so infrequent we must be self-sufficient in regard to nearly everything. Our needs are few but what we do need such as clothing is made through the joint efforts of the family. Everyone contributes in any way that he or she can. Whether it is helping to shear the sheep, spinning the yarn, weaving the yarn into cloth, or stitching the cloth into shirts, jackets, or trousers everyone's efforts are needed to get the work done. In our community it is considered a sin to be lazy and so everyone works hard. With life being so difficult here no one has time to be lazy.

My mother is a wonderful cook but she is very limited in what she is able to prepare. Although my father works hard farming our small farm the growing season here is very short and our soil is very poor. We have worked hard to make the fields free of debris but still crops do not grow well here. Some of the families here have livestock such as pigs, cows, and goats but access to such animals is limited. My father and his friends do some hunting for deer, rabbits, and turkeys but there is always the problem with the Indians in the area who, although they are usually friendly, do not like us venturing too far into their hunting areas. Because we do not have pigs and cows to raise and the ocean is so close we do eat a lot of fish and seafood. Back in England and Holland we ate these items but since arriving in the colonies we have had to eat far more than we were used to having. Our fruits and vegetables are all from our family farm. There is no public market. Our neighbors are willing to help as much as possible but everyone in our community struggles with the same problems and there really is… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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