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Linda was the name of a favorite friend of Mildred's growing up, and Mildred hoped that by naming her daughter after her kind and gentle friend her daughter would grow up with the same gentle spirit.

Linda was born in the Sharon General Hospital. During this time in our nation's history there were still many women across the nation who were having home births attended by midwives only, however Mildred and her husband could afford a hospital delivery and felt safer in case there were complications. In addition having the baby in the hospital at that time was a sort of status symbol to the world that the couple could afford the best option.

During 1949, hospitals were indeed considered the bet option for birth, according to Mildred. Today, we seem to have come full circle and there are many home births. This time however, they are not due to financial constraints, but because the parents want a home birth setting attended by as few medical personal as possible, which means only a midwife.

Hospital stays at that time were surprisingly short compared to what they stretched to in later years. When Linda was brought into the world, her mother was allowed 12 hours in the hospital, and then she was discharged. Mildred remembers it well. She entered the hospital at 9:30 P.M. On a Monday night and was discharged the following morning at 9:30 A.M. During the interview Mildred bragged about the reasonable bill the hospital gave them. The total cost of her stay was $49.00.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Mildred had the finest medical care that money could by, but because of her own family history and stories, she wanted to involve a midwife as well., so her husband interviewed and found one that he hired for her as a surprise early in her pregnancy and before their wedding. The midwife became her coach, as in those days the fathers were routinely relegated to the waiting rooms when their wives gave birth. In the actual deliver room was the mother, of course. There was the midwife, the attending doctor and several nurses. Mildred's husband was sent to the waiting room to wait for the arrival of his daughter and to hand out cigars when the blessed event was over. During the interview Mildred, commented that even had the event taken place at home, the dad would not have been allowed in the room. This had been the tradition even since the days of the Midwife's Tale. The journal entries speak of sending the men outside to await the birth of the children, while the women gathered round and suffered right along with the laboring mother to be.

Mildred said she felt fortunate that Linda was delivered by vaginal methods. Apparently, according to Mildred, that particular time in history the c-section craze was just getting under way and many females were going under the knife with long recovery periods.

Mildred had few complications during her pregnancy; however, she did have rh-negative blood, which was incompatible with her baby's rh-positive blood. This was another main reason the couple chose to have the baby in a hospital setting with a doctor in attendance. RH factors can cause severe and lifelong problems for both mother and child if they are not handled immediately following birth. In this case they were and things were fine shortly following Linda's arrival into the world. The only complication that arose was the need for a delivery induction. However, during this time in history according to Mildred, inducing labor was a common event and was offered and accepted for many reasons including a desired birth date.

During her pregnancy, Mildred had monthly prenatal check ups that included vital checks as well as nutritional advice.

At the end of the interview, Mildred alluded to the fact that she was upset with herself for getting pregnant before marriage. Because she was pregnant she felt she had to marry, and while she lived a content and happy life with her husband, she felt she had not lived up the potential of her namesake. Even given the embarrassing circumstances of her pregnancy and marriage, however, Mildred never regretted having her child and believes it was the most successful and important things she ever did when she brought a life into this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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