Research Paper: Light Gauge Steel Studs

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¶ … light gauge residential and commercial stud available and why-Is it strength? Durability? Weight that makes them the best?

The best light guage residential and commercial steels available are gauged according to load. They are strong -- anywhere from 20 guage to 12 guage in thickness, have a thicker galvanized coating, and are made from higher-strength steel. These do not -- like the regular steel -- come from lumber yards or drywall supply houses, but are made to order by a roll-former company. Their strength, durability, and weight all make them superior and better for use in construction.

What company(s) produce this stud?

The following companies produce information about this stud and produce it:

California Steel Framing Alliance (

Hawaii Pacific Steel Framing Alliance (

Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association (

Steel Framing Alliance (

Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (

Tri-Chord Steel Systems, Inc. (


Why is it better than wood?

There are several reasons why steel is preferable to wood:

Steel framing material is far stronger than wood. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any residential building material .

It is safer in earthquakes since it can withstand the highest seismic rating. This is due in part to its strength and resiliency as well as to the way that it is fastened to the base of t he building it is unaffected by changes in weather and therefore won't erode, bulge, blemish, sag, or squeak (and so forth) as wood does.

It won't fuel a fire therefore in some areas a steel-constructed house may even incur lower Homeowners and builder's risk insurance easier remodeling: renovations are far easier than with wood for you can simply screw or unscrew certain parts together rather than rip apart

Consistent quality: the wall and all appurtenances are straight. There is a strength and consistency that does not appear in wood.

Conservation of resources: Steel is the most recycled material far more than wood. It is best, therefore, on the environment.


- What are the new innovations in steel studs? In the last say 5 years? Is it a new design? Is it something that other studs can do like contain precut holes for electrical?

In the last five years there has been an exponential growth of new connectors made for cold-formed steel. In fact, some manufacturers have separate catalogs just for selling connectors.

Manufacturers also developed new steel making techniques with, for instance, developing floor systems that had additional material at the flange, in order to increase moment capacity and provided larger, stiffened holes in the web. Other techniques were also developed for wall stud framing.

Some stud manufacturers have been putting slits in their studs to cut down on the thermal heat transfer; others have used stiffened holes for the same reason.

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