Essay: Linear About Writing

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[. . .] There are confines -- a shoe still must go one someone's foot -- but within those confines there were limitless options. And if the rules didn't work for you, you invented new ones, just to see if you could. Designers become the new poets, bending forms, inventing and reinventing, expressing in every possible way their own deepest selves. Well, I had to design. I don't think I was very good at. I still try it, you know, just to see what I can come up with.

My first love remains words, though. The challenge, I realized, was to spin words to create great beauty, power and expression while remaining true to the linear forms. Now, however, lines were not limitations but challenges. My writing changed. I want to bend forms, invent new ones, reinvent old ones, and I want to do it with color, with flair, with texture. It has been a few years since I discovered that my muse came from fashion instead of writing.

There is nothing that sparks my creativity more than the visual stimulation of watching a great runway show. When I see things that I never thought possible in fashion, I launch into fits of writing. Creativity is its own thing, no matter the medium. I create my best work in this linear form when saturated on fashion's linear ideals. They're not that far apart, you know, fashion and writing. What is fashion, anyway, if not an expression of soul that begins with lines on a piece…

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