Linguistics Critique of Cross-Cultural Culture Article Critique

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Multilingual or bilingual children speak English as one of their two or more languages that they speak, and mostly one language has a higher status than the other, depending on education, power or wealth. United States majorly speak English, since its recognition in a larger area than the ethnic languages present in various regions. This lowers the status of actual language spoken in different regions, with English dominating all fields involving people with same or different ethnical language. The less spoken language and of lower status associated with low income earners, or people who do not access better education or people who are poor.

The pro-efficiency of speaking proper English in America depend on the parents, especially mothers, or guardians, with formal spoken English associated with parents who have achieved higher levels of education. The exposure of a child to certain language also determines the pro-efficiency of the child in knowing the language over the other. Caretakers of the children to play a significant role in determining the language of the child, mainly being the family members, as proven in Hong Kong by Chinese children, who spoke English efficiently than Chinese because of their English speaking caretakers. English is dominant over other languages in the U.S., be it Chinese, Spanish or any other language in State, which covers the efficiency of other ethnic languages.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Article Critique on Linguistics Critique of Cross-Cultural Culture Assignment

The mode of study in various schools, in the State, affects the language spoken by the child. Analysis proves that Chinese and Malay, as compared to Tamil language, is taught more, though English dominates it all. This mode of study encourages English proficiency of the children and somehow put aside their ethnic language, with Chinese and Malay taught as one subject and less of Tamil taught. Technology also plays a crucial role in determining the language Singaporean children speak. Television English Programs encourage the speaking of English, majorly associated with high SES children, with Chinese children equally speaking two languages efficiently with high in English, Malay showing likeliness of high proficiency in both languages or high in English with Tamil being at the risk of low proficiency in both language. Low SES status, poverty; low education levels and parents have low income due to their low levels of education is associated with the Tamil language of the Singaporean group

Exposure to language also determines the proficiency of language of children, with socioeconomic status and level of parent education playing a major role too. Children raised under low SES families are in the risk of having low proficiency in language, so do children whose parents, especially mothers, and guardians have a low level of education with low income. Education programs also play a key role and include more programs for ethnic classes will increase the proficiency of children in speaking ethnic language too. English has proven to dominate the other ethnic groups, lowering the proficiency of speaking such languages and increases baseness in the Singaporean speaking group.

The author focuses on one group, the Singaporeans of United States, and draws conclusion from a restricted group, on how children react on different knowledge of language. Tamil group is considered most inferior with children prone to the risk of low proficiency of language as compared to Chinese speaking and Malay speaking groups. Tamil is associated with the poverty, low levels of education, low income earnings individuals and also few lessons in schools on Tamil language as an ethnic group is less considered than Chinese and Malay. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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