Lion King Not Knowing Essay

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Lion King

Not knowing quite what to expect from the Disney theater production of The Lion King, I entered the Hollywood Pantages Theater with an open and optimistic mind. The sumptuous Art Deco interior of Pantages swept me off my feet immediately as I sat down in my seat and browsed the program. Reviews of the Broadway musical have been overwhelmingly positive, and there was every reason to assume that Hollywood casting and crew would be every bit as impressive and professional as the reviewers were saying. A play like The Lion King depends especially heavily on costume and set design as well as choreography. In spite of some initial reservations I had about how Disney could transition from the incredibly successful film version of the story and translate the animation to the stage, I came out feeling perhaps more moved and enthralled than I ever could be from an animated film.

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It all started at the beginning with the "Circle of Life" by Elton John and Tim Rice. Dancers encircled audience members, not as animals stalking prey but as creatures enacting the keywords of the song related to how all life is interconnected. We will be finding ourselves in the magical coming-of-age tale about becoming a man and assuming tremendous responsibilities as "king" of one's people. The theme of empowerment is conveyed through movement, sound, spectacle, and rhythm, rather than with words. I was brought to tears with "Circle of Life" alone, and those tears returned at the curtain close. The Lion King will run in Los Angeles until January 14. I doubt even the new 3D version of the animated movie could beat the exceptional theater production. In the theater, we are part of the circle of life. The audience is right there, inside the fantasy dimension of the animals.

Essay on Lion King Not Knowing Quite Assignment

The musical was designed and directed by Julie Taymor, the Tony-award winning maven. Taymor is responsible for the stunning costumes that cinch the Lion King's role in theater history. It is no wonder The Lion King has also won six Tony awards ("Disney's The Lion King Plays Holidays at Hollywood Pantages, Beg. Tonight," 2013). Having a costume designer direct the play is a critical matter for productions like The Lion King, which are dependent more on visuals than on script or dialogue. Dance numbers are not typical, as the dancers must perform on stilts and with heavy costumes that impede movement. In spite of the costumes, the dancers seemed as lithe and graceful as the animals they are casted to represent. Animals in packs and individual animals were equally as captivating.

The sheer effort that went into the costumes would have been enough to wow. Puppets and masks are finely crafted with attention to detail but also a visual continuity. An Art Deco appearance is evident in the overall theme of the design, evidenced by the angularity of many of the masks. In spite of the great diversity of animals and creatures, as well as set design and architectural elements, the continuity was easy on the eyes. There was never anything that looked out of place. Color… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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