Listened to a Speech Research Paper

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Was the pace suitable to impart the information?

The pace was too fast, possibly due to anxiety of speaker and discomfort with subject. The speech would have benefited from pauses, certainly from a pause and smile in the beginning and at the end.

Was the vocal quality varied and pleasant?

The vocal quality was monotone. There were no pauses nor expressiveness. Again, likely due to above reasons. The speaker failed to connect to his audience in both look and speech. More warmth in his tone including smiling at audience and greater pleasantness could greatly have enhanced speech.

Did the speaker establish adequate visual contact with the audience?

There was little or no visual contact with audience accepting when speaker concluded and invited them to party.

Was the body language natural and purposeful?

The body language was purposeful. The speaker strode to the front to deliver his speech. However, he failed to pause before giving speech in order to evoke interest and expectation (, failed to look around to establish contact with this audience (ibid.) and seemed nervous. In this way, his body language was not natural. He also made a rapid exit. Some of his gestures too seemed nervous. Much of the time, moreover, he glanced at wall and floor rather than at audience.

What one or two specific suggestions can you give to help the speaker improve? Show how they can make the greatest amount of improvement in their next speech.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Paper on Listened to a Speech in Assignment

I would suggest that the speaker introduce a narrative or two into the speech in order to make it more interesting and meaningful. Instead of speaking of 'the organization', he could have also connected it to the audience- made it 'theirs' by instantiation with one or two events / programs that they hosted in the past. He could have introduced some names of members who actively contributed to these events (thereby making he members feel more accountable to their organization). He could have elaborated on these events thereby arousing pleasurable memories. He could have also injected humor ( thereby reducing the heaviness of the appeal to both him and the audience.

The speech, in other words, would have benefited from preparation and from greater connection to the listeners themselves ( ).It could have been far more relaxed with both speaker's voice and gestures indicating this. The speaker too could have admitted to audience his distaste in asking for money -- people enjoy honesty. It is also essential that he place himself in the audience, I..e see it from their perspective (Stepcase. Lifehack.). Doing so may not only have made him less nervous, but may have given him invaluable insight into how to craft and deliver his speech.

Showing the need for funds (, furthermore, rather than stating it may have made for a more impressive and impressionable speech, aside form which the speaker too could have preempted body of speech with some history about the initiatus and early years of the organization. Bringing this in would not only have included audience (many of whom were involved) but would also have added sentiment and nostalgia to the speech.

It is important that the speaker relax himself, feel passionate about his speech, and have fun. Giving an appeal about money may not be the most pleasurable way to spend the day, but the speaker could have relaxed himself by having quietly counted to himself to three before beginning the speech. He could have then paused and smiled (Toastmasters Int.) A smile may well have relaxed the audience and himself. Many people are socially anxious whilst giving a speech; preparing beforehand in front of a mirror or whist being videotaped helps some people identify their nervous habits. Finally, focusing more on the audience than on himself ( may well have reduced some of the anxiety that seemed to be the main stumbling block of this speech.

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