Listening Skills and Climate Change Research Paper

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Hence, it is important to note that climate change is not about weather per se; it is about the climate and its changing influence and impact on the planet and its people.

The Assignment -- A Free-write (only pencil and paper are needed)

Following the lecture students are given seven minutes to write down, in bullet points, the most important information they can recall from the lecture. They were not asked to take notes, so they are using recollection skills. In the second timed eight-minute window of time they are to create an essay explaining their own previously held position and/or offering a summation as to why people believe in climate change and why others do not. They may also offer a solution in order to convince the one in four doubters that climate change is real.

Why the Assignment is Compatible with Kolb's Learning Styles

Students are allowed to express their feelings in a concrete experience (the lecture and the challenge) in a personal way without being right or wrong. This is Kolb's learning style because it allows open-minded and intuitive responses to the material presented in the lecture (Nilson, 2010). This assignment also fits with Kolb's Learning Styles because it challenges students to observe a dilemma reflectively; in addition, differing points-of-view need to be critiqued and objectivity is important in this exercise, which follows Kolb's style

Why the Assignment is Compatible with Fleming and Mill's Style

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In particular, students with auditory skills learn well when given information they can hear, and in this exercise there are no visuals, no videos, just the voice of the instructor reviewing the material. Also, this style of learning emphasizes logical and deductive relationships, and the subjects in the lecture cry out for logic and understanding.

Why the Assignment is Compatible with Felder and Silverman

Research Paper on Listening Skills and Climate Change Assignment

Most learners can process material when it is either visual or verbal, and most students excel in one of the two formats. For those not as skilled with verbally presented material, this is an excellent opportunity to gain experience with listening skills. Also, this learning style emphasizes sequential assignments; a) listen to the lecture; b) make bullet points about what has been presented; and c) create a cogent essay as an assignment.


The research offered in this paper represents several ways in which instructors can challenge students to examine and critique critical contemporary issues such as climate change. In this exercise students are asked to listen closely and recall key points in the lecture. And because there are many learning styles, in another class session the same instructor may use visual aids to present his material. But whatever material the instructor presents, he or she should embrace a variety of strategies throughout the course so that all learning styles are emphasized. Presenting material in relevant and interesting ways is always the task of the instructor, no matter what the learning style of the student is.

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"Change"? Whether… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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