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[. . .] The students in general cannot show very high levels of knowledge absorption. When in groups, students take time in understanding procedure. Hence they can only slowly improve their proficiency. However, the advantage is that this learning process is normally permanet. What the students are taught by drills and excercises, that stays with them for long. Hence the slow procedural improvement of studet literacy proficiency is low for example only 2% or 5% over a period of a year. But the gradual improvement will finally end up into a very good English reading proficency of student in different grades.

The program is designed along course that is language rich. Unlike the conventional teaching methods, the student is not made to read only one type of information. Rather he is asked to read science, fiction, IT and humorous literature. This increases the student capacity to read words of different origion and he is able to understand the different pronounciations. The students are expected to learn quickly if they have multiple areas of language to cover (Robinson and Grego, 2012). This is because they do not get bored while attending classes and this helps them maintain focus in studies and knowledge maximization rather than waiting for the class to over. The program also focuses on increasing the student attendence. Various methods are adopted to do so.

The team has reaserch that the current level of attendence of students is 96.6%. On the basis of realistic estimates, the team and school administration claims that the attendence can be increased up to 97.1% by the end of 2013 (Robinson and Grego, 2012). The increase in attendence automatically improves the productivity and student proficiency. Currently, the team calculated, there are about 121 students in the school that have more than 10 holidays. The team aims to decrease the number of students to 115 by the end of year 2013.

Besides the absentees, there are students that come late in the class or the school. This number will also be decreased from the current of 102 to 97 as the year 2013 ends.

The program is such wisely designed that the budegt is quite balanced. Though still the budget can be reduced yet initially the budget will be high and as the team gets experienced, they will be able to conduct program will low budgets. The budget is made such that there are different heads of expenses for different programs. The finances are spent on reading, after school tutoring, and material purchasing. The funding for the program is financed by the school itself and the EESAC which is a within school body that is responsible for managing and implementing progress plans of the school. The school also has some SAC funds that spends $3,000 on motivating and tutoring activities of students and $90 solely on motivation. The program is designed such that all the activities will be covered in about $14,090. The team and school administration is keeping an eye on the budget of all the activities so that the budget does not exceed. Each activity is assigned a portion of budget rather than reserving an overall budget only. The team has reserved budget for technology, team development and student up building too.

The action plan for Florida Differentiated Accountability Program is well designed. The program successfully deals with the different level of students and their proficiency in reading. The students at lower grades have less reading proficiency and also they grow slowly in improving. However the higher grade students can learn easily and adapt better reading skills. The program is held in Academir Charter School West but the results show that the program can be generalized. Other schools in the state can take example of school and have their own teams. The principals of the schools need to take special interest in designing and organizing such programs.

The program is proved to have good impact on the learning and literacy proficiency of students. The students can be divided into grades or into age groups to take advantage of same literacy program. Besides the schools, other states can also acknowledge the way this program helped improve student literacy proficiency. The student reading skills have improved and can sustain to grow in case the program keeps intact. The program is economical because it does not put an extra burden on hiring teams. The program team is based on members from school administration and staff. They know their school demographics as well as dynamics very well hence they do not only save school finances on literacy improvement programs but also provide quicker results.

The school team is now trained as well as experienced. The team is recommended to offer same program in other schools too. Not that the team members should necessarily educate students in other schools themselves but they can help the faculty develop their own teams. Thus saving time and money and improving literacy quality at national and state level. It is recommended that the other schools that are interested in student literacy level increment should adopt parent's participation as a must activity too. Reason is that the students are found to be more committed to learning when they are supported at home as well as the school. Thus, the literacy program should cover all the aspects that influence… [END OF PREVIEW]

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