Literal and Non-Literal in Advertisements or Comedies Term Paper

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Literal and Non-Literal

To quickly find examples of the "literal" -- genuine or real meaning -- versus "non-literal" -- or words or expressions that convey significance beyond the primary meaning -- in advertising, a person just has to open the closest magazine with automobile advertisements or watch the latest TV show with car commercials.

Auto ads have long been associated with symbolism of life such as animals and nature. Many of the cars are named after animals or drawn to look like that animal. Many of the commercials on TV today show SUVs, Jeeps and similar vehicles in deserts, mountains, rivers and the like. The music or sounds of the animals go along with the visuals.

The literal meaning is that these cars can drive in all types of environments. They are sturdy and strongly built. There are several non-literal messages as well. Automobile manufacturers frequently use nature in their commercials and advertisements to suggest that the car is able to take the owners to exciting, out-of -- the ordinary locations throughout the world. These are places they have never seen before and where they can escape from the boring every day activities. With these cars, they can climb the highest mountains, go the remote deserts and drive along the ocean shores. Their Ford, Jeep, Chevy or Honda can take them anywhere they want to go in reality or their thoughts.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Literal and Non-Literal in Advertisements or Comedies Assignment

These ads and commercials also have the "male"/macho message -- especially when the beautiful… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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